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Top 5 Things To Know About Google Ads

Top 5 Things To Know About Google Ads
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Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is an online advertising service that Google has implemented since the year 2000. These are advertisements that appear at the top of the page when you search on the Google search engine. These are ads from companies that promote their products and brand. Google Ads allows these companies to be placed in all of the top search results of Google for a given query.

The cost of these ads is per click, meaning that each time a user clicks on these ads, the advertiser pays a certain amount of money that pays Google. This kind of campaign can quickly become a source of considerable expenses: to avoid the pitfalls. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about Google Ads.

1. Define your objective


Before starting a campaign on Google Ads, it is important to define your objectives by asking yourself the right questions. What is your interest in subscribing to this service? What is your goal for each campaign? Do you want to get customers immediately? > To make your ads appear on Google Ads guarantees you reinforced visibility.

It promises an important acquisition of leads and customers, but success is not immediate. To have the best possible performance, you need the patience to get good CTR because to succeed in a campaign; you have to optimize, improve, retouch, and delete (cf. negative keywords), and this can take some time. Even if it is a paying service, Google Ads does not spare you the work of optimizations…

2. Define your keywords well

To appear in the first Google results, you need relevant keywords. It is therefore essential to choose them well. There are many sites and software that can provide you with figures to find the right ones (Google Keyword planner, keyword tool, Askthepublic, Google trends). To access the figures on the searches made by Internet users on Google, we recommend the Google Keyword Planner.

The goal is to bring you more information on the audience these keywords represent and refine your choices. Thanks to the keywords you have proposed in your campaign, it is possible to know the level of competition around these keywords and the monthly search volume.

3. Responsive design


To make a successful sale, having a professional website is not enough. The site must also be accessed via different mobile devices or tablets. The improvement of the design is then important to attract customers to the services you offer. More than half of the Internet users who have a purchase intention do their research on their smartphones. You can choose a premium theme on WordPress (for example, Themeforest or Elegant Theme). These themes are guaranteed to be responsive, easy to customize, and well received by Google crawlers.

4. Do an A/B test on your ads

An A/B test allows you to determine the version of your ad that has the most impact: for this, you need two different versions of your ad. Google Analytics can help you to perform these tests in a very simple way. In general, it is recommended to have a dedicated person in-house in order to optimize the campaigns every week and refine the design of the landing pages. Another possibility: is a web marketing agency, like Linkeo ltd, which allows the company to outsource the management of Google Ads, to focus on its core business.

5. Google Ads can’t do everything


Even if a campaign is very well “put together”, it will have no effect if it leads to a poorly designed landing page. You have to work well on the landing pages to achieve complete conversion of the prospect. Google Ads can offer solutions to optimize the conversion of landing pages. This service can be included or not in the management of sponsored links.

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