Germany: More and More Employees are Dissatisfied
Employees in Germany are increasingly dissatisfied. That’s mainly because the so-called work-life balance is playing an increasingly important role. The shortage of skilled workers is forcing companies to pay tribute to modern times and be more innovative. Many companies can implement some factors for higher work motivation. Work motivation and job satisfaction Gone are the days when… (0 comment)

Group Communication at Work – Part 2
In the previous article on group communication, we discovered the five stages of group development. Today, we shall learn something new: the seven steps to resolve conflict in a work group. Seven Steps to Resolve Group Conflicts In simplified terms, a group is when two or more people affiliate and interact to attain the same… (0 comment)

Group Communication at Work
We are all aware that communication is one of the cornerstones of all business organizations, and that group communication forms an integral part of this framework. But what exactly is group communication, and what role does it play in the success of a business. In this article, we will explore one of the key foundations… (0 comment)