Discover the Arts of the Cinema
“This is not to suggest that the screenwriter has to be a sound engineer, cinematographer, set designer, or electrician any more than a director or leading actor, but a screenwriter must know how the various arts of cinema can be utilized to give the impression of reality on film to what was originally born in… (0 comment)

Advertising Approaches to Writing Scripts
“Every successful promotional message must attract attention, arouse interest, stimulate desire, and present a compelling call for action.” – Rieck, Dean Did you know that the scriptwriter of promotional spots often draws on advertising principles? In fact, many copywriters work for advertising firms or agencies. Therefore, this article focuses on the advertising approaches adopted for… (0 comment)

The World of Screenwriting – Part 7
In the previous article, we discussed the research process involved in documentary scriptwriting. Today, we shall take a look at how a shooting script is crafted. Writing the Documentary Script The process of writing a documentary script is significantly different from writing a script for a feature film or a television show. The documentary screenwriter… (0 comment)

World of Screenwriting – Part 6
Research is an important step in the world of screenwriting and today, we shall discover more about it! The Research Process in Documentary Screenwriting “As a researcher, you need to combine the penetrating brazenness of the good journalist with the painstaking attention to detail of the Ph.D. candidate. You must be observer, analyst, student, and… (0 comment)

The World of Screenwriting – Part 5
“A documentary may take a stand, state an opinion, advocate a solution to a problem.” – Bordwell, David and Kristin Thompson. How many times have we learned so many new things from documentaries? But have we ever thought about the writers who write these documentaries? Or about the different writing techniques they use to keep… (0 comment)

The World of Screenwriting – Part 4
Even though they often go unnoticed, screenwriters are the ones to set the foundation of any film, television show or documentary. As we have been previously discovering the art of crafting script for documentaries, let us learn more about the different documentary writing techniques! Documentary Writing Techniques “Documentaries may be popular and entertaining, or epic… (0 comment)

The World of Screenwriting – Part 3
“In feature films, the director is God; in documentary films, God is the director.” -Alfred Hitchcock How many times have we veered away from big feature films and preferred to watch a simple documentary? Well, for some, it happens often. But do you know that screenwriting for a documentary is also some kind of art?… (0 comment)

The World of Screenwriting
We all enjoy watching movies, don’t we? But have we imagined how is the world of screenwriting like? Who came up with the story? Who wrote such compelling characters? Who decided on the dialogue? All these form part of screenwriting. In some of our previous articles, we discovered the skills required by a screenwriter but… (0 comment)