The Key Steps of a Construction Site Follow-up
The Key Steps of a Construction Site Follow-up Whether it is a question of major demolition work on a building, the refurbishment of a house or the interior renovation of an apartment, site supervision is an essential process. It allows you to plan, verify and control the organization, execution and progress of a construction project.… (0 comment)

Top 6 Things to Do in Winter
Top 6 Things to Do in Winter If for many people, winter is synonymous with cocooning or – let’s be honest – with a slump, you should know that the cold season is a good time to do a lot of construction and renovation work! This article reveals a list of 6 priority jobs to… (0 comment)

How to Build a Retaining Wall
How to Build a Retaining Wall Contents Spotlight on the retaining wall Step 1: Mark out the foundation Step 2: Dig the bottom of the hole Step 3: Pour the foundation Step 4: Build the retaining wall Step 5: Make the retaining wall drain Step 6: Backfill the retaining wall Step 7: Retaining Wall Maintenance… (0 comment)

5 Best Vibrating Sander on the Market
5 Best Vibrating Sander on the Market The vibrating sander is a handy device to renovate a house and give a welcome boost to damaged floors or doors that have withstood the weight of years. To help you choose the right equipment for your needs and budget, we have selected and compared 5 models. A… (0 comment)

Top 5 Things To Know About Facade Renovation
When the nice weather returns, it is not unusual to see scaffolding blooming around houses. Indeed, the good weather makes it possible to carry out maintenance and exterior renovation work. This is the case with the famous facade renovation! It is sometimes difficult to find your way between canvassing, incomplete information or bad definitions of… (1 comment)

Top 5 Things To Know About Glass Railings
Glass railings add a contemporary look to your home. These safety gates are suitable for any style of decor, whether it’s indoors or outdoors (the deck, balcony, stairs, or patio). They are a good choice for homeowners who want to ensure the safety of their children and pets. Otherwise known as “invisible railings,” glass railings… (1 comment)

Top 3 Tips To Choosing Windows For Your Home
Renovating your windows means improving your comfort while making an aesthetic choice. But it is also the best way to gain luminosity, improve your home’s insulation, and reduce your bill. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best advice on how to choose your window. 1. Insulate first More… (0 comment)

How Can China Build a Hospital So Quickly?
Dateline: Jun. 19, 2021, Hindustan Times, Changsha, China: “A 10-storey residential building in China’s Changsha city was just built in 28 hours and 45 minutes.” “This living building is endowed with high quality materials and craft work and features an ultra-low energy consumption and failure rate, which makes it ten times lighter and stronger than… (0 comment)