Top 5 Things To Know About Facade Renovation

Top 5 Things To Know About Facade Renovation
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When the nice weather returns, it is not unusual to see scaffolding blooming around houses. Indeed, the good weather makes it possible to carry out maintenance and exterior renovation work. This is the case with the famous facade renovation! It is sometimes difficult to find your way between canvassing, incomplete information or bad definitions of what this project is. We will review what is really a facade renovation, what it covers, and what it is necessary to know before launching into renovation work of this kind.

1. What does a company do for your facade renovation?


First of all, it will be necessary to understand the role of the company you will contact for your facade renovation and what this service covers. Know that it is necessary that a craftsman’s expertise understand the work to be carried out and make you the right estimate.

Indeed, the cost of this kind of service will depend on the age of your facade and the coverage you want to install. Concretely, the work of the company, in addition to the audit, will consist of a complete cleaning, the renovation of the existing and the aesthetic improvement of your facades. The principle is to preserve the integrity and all the existing of your external walls.

2. A complete cleaning of your exterior walls

The first action once the facade restoration work has begun is the complete cleaning of the latter. Indeed, there is no point in renovating an unsuitable wall; you will risk getting a botched job. Generally, this cleaning will be accompanied by stripping. You will obtain bare walls on which it will be possible to renovate and improve your facade. This first basic step is very important for the continuation of the work.

3. A renovation of the alterations of time


Your house has lived for several years, and it has started to show! Moisture in the walls, cracks, infiltration, problems with your insulation and so on… it is, therefore, necessary to renovate it before doing any embellishment work!

Here, we can, if necessary, dry out the walls with a moisture treatment to waterproof your façade. All cracks will also be filled to ensure that infiltrations do not start to damage the structure of your house again. Finally, finishing and protection treatments can also be applied depending on what you decide with the company that will follow you.

4. Improving the appearance of your home

In certain cases, a simple coating of frontage could be applied. It will allow you to give a blow of youth to your housing and bring an aesthetic touch. It is also possible to go much further. It is perhaps the occasion for you to rethink the insulation of your house and why not an external PVC cladding which will allow you to improve as much the aestheticism as your energy bill by insulating your home effectively.

It is necessary to think about your project as a whole so that it is more efficient and especially so that you do not need to return to it regularly.

5. How much does it cost to renovate your facade?


It is very complicated to announce a price for a facade renovation because there are so many parameters to take into account. The general state of your facade will play an important role, as well as the treatments are chosen or the finishes you wish to apply. Roughcast, coating, painting, cladding… depending on your coating, this can also vary.

In general, the entry prices are around several tens of dollars per m² and can rise to more than 100$ per m² depending on what you want. Be careful; the need for scaffolding can also be a factor that can raise the price if your house is on several levels.

Looking for help?

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  • Repair of building facades is formed due to detected damage, restoration of the integrity of the coating or its renewal. The work performed is aimed not only at eliminating aesthetic defects – the main advantage of the correction is in identifying the validity period of characteristic objects and its validity period.


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