Which Shaving Brush to Choose
 Summary  – Shaving brush: what is it?  – Advantages of shaving with a shaving brush  – How to choose the right shaving brush?  Somewhat neglected, traditional shaving with a badger brush is now enjoying a real revival, especially for men with fragile or irritated skin.  Back in the middle of the 18th century, the shaving… (0 comment)

An Introduction to PR Audits
A communication audit can be defined as a complete assessment of an organization’s capacity to transmit, receive, and exchange information with various internal audiences as well as significant external constituencies such as customers and investors. A communication audit is performed to evaluate an organization’s external or internal communication effectiveness. So, now let’s discover more about… (0 comment)

How Does Email and Text Marketing Stack Up Against Each Other ?
Marketing strategies are constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and consumer preferences change. With so many different options for your marketing campaigns, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. What’s the difference between email vs. text marketing? Should you try one? Both? None of them? To avoid getting confused about the different approaches… (0 comment)

An Introduction to PR Campaigns (Part 2)
A PR campaign may be defined as a military operation designed to achieve a specific objective. Similarly, in the world of public relations, a PR campaign is an excellent way for businesses and organizations of all sizes and sectors to diversify their efforts and attempts at promotion and advertising. Campaign designers perform a situational analysis… (0 comment)

An Introduction to PR Campaigns
 PR campaigns can be defined as purposive attempts to inform or influence behaviors in large audiences within a specified time period using an organized set of communication activities and featuring an array of mediated messages via multiple channels generally for the benefit of individuals and society. Today, we will discuss the critical steps involved in… (0 comment)

Everything You Need to Know About Media Relations (Part 2)
In the previous article, we’ve learned that similar to public relations, media relations work on building a rapport with these professional journalists or media outlets in order to communicate an organization’s goals, ideas, intent and newsworthy events. However, dealing with the media presents unique challenges and thus has to be handled with professionalism and following… (0 comment)

Everything You Need to Know About Media Relations
The need for brand credibility should never be underestimated. Even some of the fastest-growing industries feel the sting when they fall out of favor with the public – just look at the examples of stocks plummeting overnight. Only PR can avoid such situations and bridge that trust gap between a business and its customers. And,… (0 comment)

Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Management: Tools and Techniques (Part 2)
The notion of “quality” as an important feature of the production of goods and the provision of services has led to its being an essential factor in the management of companies and other organizations. The procedures are then divided into quality assurance – the steps which need to be taken to produce goods or provide… (0 comment)

Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Management: Tools and Techniques
In one of my previously published blogs, I’ve talked about the importance and the different philosophies of quality. And, today we’ll learn more about the different tools and techniques used in quality control, quality assurance and quality management. Readers’ Warning: It will be quite long and a bit boring, but please bear with me. What… (0 comment)