Aerial Surveys And Its Benefits
Aerial surveys are best suited for large areas that are impossible to map traditionally or require multiple visits and long staff hours. They are also appropriate for sites that are difficult to access or high volumes of traffic (pedestrian or vehicular) that are likely to be adversely affected by the closure period. Also often known… (0 comment)

A Guide to Die-Casting Technology
A Guide to Die-Casting Technology  Die-casting allows the production of near-net-shape parts in large series at relatively low costs and benefits from a high degree of automation of the production sites. It is dedicated to transforming parts made of non-ferrous alloys (aluminium, zinc, copper, magnesium, etc.) for various markets (automotive, household appliances, construction, etc.). The… (0 comment)

Shannon’s Model of Communication in Business Organisations (Part 2)
As discussed in the previous blog article, the Shannon’s communication model is an influential model of communication that offers insights into how the communication process is designed. And, this model consists of five key elements: information source, transmitter, receiver, destination and noise. However, did you know that even this super model had limitations? What Are… (0 comment)

Shannon’s Model of Communication in Business Organisations
Communication plays a crucial role in our everyday life. It can be found everywhere in our modern society, from home to the workplace. The Shannon’s communication model is a model of communication developed during the 20th century that provides a framework to understand the whole process of human communication better. So let’s take a look… (0 comment)