2 Easy Steps to Dye Your Beard
2 Easy Steps to Dye Your Beard You’ve finally managed to grow a nice, full beard, and you are taking good care of it by brushing, moisturizing, and trimming it regularly. But there’s just one little thing that bothers you: its color. It’s not uniform, it’s too light, or it’s starting to turn white… No… (0 comment)

How to Choose Your Beard Brush
How to Choose Your Beard Brush Contents     – Beard brush: utility     – Characteristics of a beard brush     – Use of the beard brush     – Beard brush: its price All bearded men know that a beard, to be beautiful, needs to be maintained. Apart from care products such as shampoos and moisturizers,… (0 comment)

Your Must-Have Accessories for a Perfect Shave
Your Must-Have Accessories for a Perfect Shave Men who prefer smooth cheeks to beards have three types of accessories for an effective shave: mechanical shaver, electric shaver, and barber razor. Mechanical shaver: practical and efficient The motorized shaver is convenient. It does not require blade sharpening or a power outlet to operate. It is affordable… (0 comment)

Top 5 Things To Know About Skin Health
We usually think of skin in terms of what we can put on it (like a juicy toner-serum-hydrator sandwich). But just as important as keeping the perfect skincare routine is thinking about your face in terms of skin health. As our body’s largest organ, the skin is affected by overall health as much as our… (1 comment)

Top 6 Everyone Should Know About Microblading
The world and the notion of beauty are constantly changing, and sometimes it’s for better or worse. Microblading is not for everyone, and you shouldn’t go for everything trendy because trends disappear as fast as they appear.  Microblading is gaining popularity these days and is becoming a common phenomenon. However, not all of us know what… (1 comment)