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Your Must-Have Accessories for a Perfect Shave

Your Must-Have Accessories for a Perfect Shave
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Your Must-Have Accessories for a Perfect Shave

Men who prefer smooth cheeks to beards have three types of accessories for an effective shave: mechanical shaver, electric shaver, and barber razor.

Mechanical shaver: practical and efficient

The motorized shaver is convenient. It does not require blade sharpening or a power outlet to operate. It is affordable and efficient, especially the safety razor model.

Three types of wet shavers

Since its inception in the late 19th century, the mechanical razor has evolved significantly. There is still the original safety razor, alongside which have developed the classic razors with interchangeable blades and disposable razors.

    1. The safety razor

The safety razor or flat blade razor is the oldest mechanical razor and offers a high-quality shave. The safety razor is characterized by:

    – a single double-edged blade, fixed or adjustable;

    – a handle in the continuity of the blade, long or short, depending on the desired grip;

    – a three-piece opening, or a butterfly opening by rotation of the handle, faster;

    – a pristine shaving quality.

Models start at $12.50 at the entry-level, followed by a wide range of razors averaging $50 and higher quality models approaching $150. For blades, you can find models starting at $1.50 for 10 blades.

    2. The razor with interchangeable blades

You can find many plastic razors in supermarkets. Razors with interchangeable blades have been widely developed, and brands now offer heads with 4 or 5 edges. Still, you can also invest in a mechanical razor with a resin, wood, or acrylic handle on which the blades sold in supermarkets fit.

The efficiency and especially the price of these multi-blade heads are highly criticized by the followers of the old-fashioned shaving, i.e., the safety razor:

    – Depending on the handle’s material, the razor’s price ranges from $5.50 to $75 for a high-end model.

    – The price of the blades ranges from $12 for a 10-piece package (2-blade model) to $18 for a 5-piece package (5-blade model).

    3. The disposable razor

There are 1, 2, or 3 blades available with the disposable razor. It costs $1.50 for 10 pieces at supermarkets. Unfortunately, to say, this is the least eco-friendly razor.

Electric shaver: ideal for the man in a hurry

Your Must-Have Accessories for a Perfect Shave

The electric shaver offers four advantages for men in a hurry:

    – it shaves quickly;

    – it can be done on dry skin, so no soap, shaving cream, or water is needed

    – it requires few strokes and therefore limits irritation;

    – the blade is changed once a year.

The electric razor has some disadvantages:

    – it requires access to electricity to be recharged;

    – it is expensive to buy;

    – the quality of the shave is less clear than with a manual shaver.

Two types of electric shavers

Two types of electric shavers are chosen primarily by personal taste: the foil shaver and the rotary head shaver.

Electric foil shaver

The foil shaver consists of 2 to 3 perforated foils that protect the blades. The hair passes through the holes in the foil and is cut by the oscillating blades.

It is more suitable for stiff hair than the rotary head shaver.

Rotary head shaver

The rotary head shaver consists of 2 or 3 round heads in which blades rotate to cut the hair.

It’s better suited to soft hair than the foil shaver model.

Electric shaver: options that change everything

Manufacturers are competing to make electric shavers more and more attractive. Several features can help you choose one product over another:

    – Hair straightening: some electric shavers with foils have a hair suction system to straighten the hair and thus gain speed and precision.

    – Self-cleaning: High-end models offer a self-cleaning system that dries and lubricates the head when the shaver is placed on its base.

    – Waterproof: Most of the latest shavers are waterproof so that they can be used in the shower.

    – Cream dispenser: Some models apply a layer of cream to the skin’s surface during shaving to reduce irritation.

Barber razor: a precision shaver

Your Must-Have Accessories for a Perfect Shave

The barber razor, also known as a straight razor, is making a comeback among old-fashioned shaving enthusiasts.

Its advantages:

    – efficient: it offers a very high-quality shave;

    – practical: no need for electricity, no blade to change;

    – durable: well maintained, it can last for several decades;

    – ecological: it requires very few consumables.

Its disadvantages:

    – it is expensive: its purchase price and the necessary accessories require a significant initial investment, but it is more profitable in the long term than mechanical or electric shavers;

    – shaving is long: it takes an average of 30 minutes for a close shave once you get used to handling it;

    – maintenance is technical: the blade must be sharpened on a sharpening leather before each use.

Maintaining your barber razor

The longevity and quality of a barber’s razor depend on the quality of its maintenance:

    – protect your barber razor in a case between uses;

    – sharpen the blade on bare leather before each use to preserve its cutting edge;

    – regularly, depending on the use, sharpen the blade with a sharpening paste.

Investing in a barber razor

Buying a barber shaver requires a fairly substantial initial investment:

    – the razor: the price of the razor varies mainly according to the type of material used and the work done on the handle:

        ◦ steel models starting at $70 at the entry-level;

        ◦ models with wooden, horn, or mother-of-pearl handles starting at $90;

        ◦ luxury models in carbon steel and precious wood handle approaching $200;

    – the protective case: protective cases for straight razors are made of leather; starting at $10;

    – the sharpening leather: there are two- and four-sided wood models and models for hanging or suspending:

        ◦ count $35 for a basic wood model;

        ◦ up to $95 for a hanging or hooking model;

    – razor paste: it is necessary to perfect the blade’s sharpening once or twice a month, depending on use, from $6.50 per 8 g.

You should count at least $120 to buy a barber razor and the material necessary for its maintenance.

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