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Safety Tips: Snow Shoveling 101

Safety Tips: Snow Shoveling 101
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Winter is coming, my friends. Yes, both actual winter as in snow and white walkers because Halloween is also right around the corner. So feast your hearts out, Game of Thrones fans, but when you talk about winter, all I can think of is snow shoveling; it was my side hustle as a teen and let me tell you, it is harder than you think. Shoveling is not fun, but if you live in Canada or any part of the US where it snows, it is an unavoidable task that most of us hate. So, come along with me and let’s learn more about snow shoveling and the precautions you need to take while doing it.

What is snow shoveling and why do you need to be careful


Snow shoveling is when you move snow with a shovel, and this tends to be a large quantity of snow that needs to be disposed of. Snow shoveling is done to clean your driveway or street to move about easily, as snow is very slippery and not conducive to movements. Now, let’s get to the real part: snow shoveling is a painfully hard duty and a deadly one. It has 10 times more victims than sharks annually; yes, more people die from snow shoveling than shark attacks. Snow shoveling has more than 100 fatalities and injures more than 11 500 people annually. So, yes, you should be careful while you shovel. You should consider hiring a professional to do this job as it will save you from future troubles.

Things you should do to be safe while shoveling.

1. Be prepared

Always make a list and be prepared for the job. Dress appropriately and know that you’re going to do some hard work and get into that headspace. You should also not do this one quickly but rather take your time with it as it takes a lot of energy from you. Take a 5 minutes break every 20 or so minutes as this will help you pace yourself, and you won’t tire yourself quickly.

2. Warm-up

You need to warm-up before you shovel, as it decreases the risk of any pulled muscles or strokes. Consider it as an exercise and warm-up as it helps your body get into the rhythm of it all. Stroke is one of the most common things that can lead to someone’s death while shoveling, and this is why you need to warm up. Do some light movements like bending and walking in place.

3. Push instead of the lift.


This can help reduce the strain on your body as it demands less power to do. Another tip, when lifting, use your back and not your legs and bend your knees.

4. Chose the appropriate shovel for the job

You should consider an ergonomically designed shovel as this will reduce the amount of bending you have to do and makes shoveling easier. You can get these new types of shovels online or at your local hardware store. You should also consider using a plastic shovel instead of a metal one, which helps decrease the weight you are lifting.

5. Keep up with snowfall


Only shovel fresh and powdery snow as it is lighter than wet snow. Keep up with the snow falls, this is an old grandma hack and trust me it works as fresh snow is lighter. The more it stays on the ground, the wetter and heavier it gets and the more effort you have to exert to get the job done.

6. Wear layers and stay hydrated

Wear many layers of clothing to stay warm and maintain a normal body temperature. This also keeps you from catching a cold. You should also drink plenty of water while shoveling as it is a pretty hands-on job, and you need to stay hydrated to avoid dizzy spells.

Remember always stay safe while snow shoveling and if you think you are not up for the task, then contact a professional, and they’ll be more than happy to do this for you. For all your lawn and snow shoveling needs, contact Royal Blue Property Maintenance. Their professional team will take care of your lawn and will make it look regal and well-kept. So why wait? Contact them now and get a quote for your garden/lawn needs, be it for your residential or commercial properties.

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