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Why you should get a custom wedding band?

Why you should get a custom wedding band?
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The perfect wedding is something that many of us have been dreaming of since we were little kids, and your wedding band speaks volumes on you and your partner’s commitment to each other. Why settle for a cliché wedding band when you can customize one that will have actual meaning for both you and your partner. A wedding band signifies your commitment to your partner, and what’s better to show this commitment than a custom wedding band that gives an ode to your relationship and all the ups and downs you’ve been through together. Because in marriage you stay with your partner in health and sickness and for better or for worse. This all can be represented in your wedding bands, and it will show the love and affection you have for each other.

Reasons to have a custom wedding band.


Ring shopping can be really hard and exhausting as you have hundreds if not thousands of rings to choose from. Having a vision in mind for this can make this process easier and faster. If you are very picky and detail-oriented like me, you will go the custom route. This gives you 100% control and free reign to design the rings of your dreams, and you can even engrave initials and dates on them to make them feel more special and unique. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find a jewelry shop that will make your dream ring, and this is why more and more soon-to-be-married couples are going the custom ring route. These are the reason why you should consider getting a customer ring:

1. You are working with an expert


You won’t be on your own on this journey, you will be working with an expert who has experience crafting wedding rings, and they will be there to advise you on what would enhance the ring and what might make it look cheap. An additional pair of eyes is always useful, especially for something you plan on wearing for the rest of your life. The expert will be your collaborator during this process and will do their best to give you the ring you desire.

2. It is unique to you


We all know that you will show off your wedding bands to your colleagues and relatives, so instead of buying one with the biggest diamond, why not flaunt one that has emotional value and is something you are proud of. While there are thousands if not more ready-made wedding rings out there, you will see many people flaunting the same one; at least with your custom piece, no one can say that they saw your ring on someone else’s finger.

3. You get exactly what you want


This is the joy of creating your own ring; you get exactly what you pay for. You get to choose all the components that make up the ring, from the metal to the stones to its shape and thickness. Most modern couples want to have similar yet not matching wedding bands; this is where the expert comes in handy; you and your partner can both work with the designer and create special rings for each other while keeping the element of surprise but sticking to a particular theme or style.

4. You can customize it as you wish


This is where you let your creative juices run wild. Your wedding band will be a reflection of your personality and your journey with your future spouse. You will most likely tell the ring artist about your journey with your partner, and they’ll try to incorporate part of your story in the ring’s design. Elements that you can customize/ add-on to the ring:

    • A gemstone that has meaning for both of you- could be the gemstone of the month you started dating or when you officiated your relationship.
    • You can also add something meaningful to the ring- a rock or pebble from the place you or your partner proposed.
    • A unique design.
    • You can use gold or gemstone from family heirlooms, or that is precious to you both, to craft the rings- This symbolizes the mixture of the old and the new and showcases the journey you will soon take together.
    • Engrave a quote, word, initials, date or something meaningful to you both.


Your wedding is your time to indulge yourself, and it wouldn’t be a proper wedding without a wedding band. Get in touch with Hofland Diamonds Inc now, especially if you live in Toronto, to get the wedding band of your dreams, which will make your guests envious. Your wedding band will be an added touch to your wedding garments and they will bring the extra touch that will bring the whole attire together. Hofland Diamonds Inc has you covered, contact them and let this dream become a reality.

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