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How Signs Are Used in Advertising

How Signs Are Used in Advertising
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 – What is an advertising sign?

 – Different types of signs

 – Why install an advertising sign?

 – Choosing your advertising sign

 – Store sign: definition

 – How to choose your store sign?

 – The different types of store signs

Highlighting your business activity with an advertising sign

 The advertising sign is the marketing investment par excellence that attracts a target’s attention as a form of advertising communication.

 What is an advertising sign?

 The advertising sign is placed near the building where its promoting activity is carried out. It is an exterior signage device placed to highlight your image, activity, or products and services offered for sale.

 Like the store sign, the advertising sign corresponds to any form, image, part of the text written in support to promote a trade or company.

 Different categories of signs

 Many models and supports of advertising signs exist. They can be adjusted according to your needs, your tastes, your type of business and your commercial strategy:

 – advertising sign panels;

 – advertising tarpaulins, advertising totems;

 – advertising posters, advertising screens, etc.

 Why install an advertising sign?

 The place of signs in the commercial activity is predominant: the advertising sign reflects the external signature of your company and informs about what you propose behind your window.

 Installing an advertising sign allows your business to:

 – attract and captivate the attention of potential customers;

 – highlight the products or services you offer;

 – make yourself known to develop your notoriety;

 – develop your brand image through a slogan, a logo…

 Choose your advertising sign

advertising sign


 The advertising sign must be based on an original concept to attract customers to your point of sale. A multitude of possibilities exists through the choice of colours, supports, graphics to differentiate you from the competition.

 You must make your choice according to the following elements to obtain a quality advertising sign:

 The visibility of your advertising sign constitutes a significant element to measure its impact. Its location on the façade, on your storefront or near your business is essential. Pedestrians and motorists must see it.

 – Its legibility: it must be readable at a glance; for this, the choice of graphics is essential.

 Its impact depends on the choice of tones, its curious and unexpected layout, the selection of letters and decorative motifs.

 The real flag-bearer of your image and your activity

 The store sign is a visual that favours the first contact with customers. Together with your furniture, window, and signage, it transforms your store into a showcase for your company.

 Store sign: definition

 A store sign is one of the most effective communication elements: it allows you to improve the notoriety of your store thanks to the different messages you can convey through it.

 A store sign is an extension of its commercial name: it is an informative, advertising and decorative visual that reflects your store’s image to the public. It is the key factor in identifying your business.

 Also, the sign makes it possible to answer 3 needs:

 – the signage of your store;

 – the enhancement of your brand image;

 – the development of your notoriety.

 The public can quickly distinguish a business through a store sign, the products/services offered, and the brand represented by the colours and the logo.

 How to choose a store sign?

 Realizing your store’s sign is an essential step, but it can be complicated because of the many possible models.

 It is vital to choose which message you wish to convey to your target audience easily. The essential elements to take into account are:

 – the desired materials: plastic (Plexiglas or PVC) or metal (iron, brass, stainless steel or aluminium);

 – the size;

 – the presence or not of a lighting device;

 – your budget;

 – the image you wish to convey, the location where you wish to install it, etc.

 The different types of store signs

 Store signs are modular according to your needs: the imagination and creativity of the teacher are the only limits to the realization of your sign. Store signs are listed by category:

 – illuminated or non-illuminated signs;

 – Flag or wall signs;

 – roof or ground signs.


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