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Top 6 Tips For The Perfect Bedroom Lighting

Top 6 Tips For The Perfect Bedroom Lighting
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After a long, hard day’s work, most people like to go to their bedroom to do something relaxing like reading or meditating. For this reason, the lighting in this room is particularly important. If the essential is that the light is soft, it must also be practical and functional. The lighting was probably the reason. When the lighting is executed impeccably, you won’t notice it per se, but you will appreciate the ambiance the room provides.

Dim, dazzling, white, orange… Lighting can take many forms depending on your decorative desires or organizational requirements. However, it is not advisable to do just anything regarding the brightness of a room. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for bedroom lighting to reach perfection or almost.

1. Focus on orange lights


By its very purpose, the bedroom is a room for rest and relaxation. In order to perfectly respect this objective, the light must essentially be orange. So banish dazzling spotlights hanging from the ceiling or lights that diffuse a strong white light. Over time, too much light in a room can cause headaches and negatively affect sleep. It is, therefore, essential to favor a subdued, subdued atmosphere conducive to soothing and relaxing activities.

2. Be careful not to under-light either

If it is essential to prefer soft lighting, it is necessary to be careful not to fall into a too-dark atmosphere. Depending on the organization of your room, it will be appropriate to install stronger lights to illuminate the practical areas. This can be in your dressing room to facilitate your dressing sessions or above your desk to avoid damaging your eyes on your possible work.

3. Leave room for daylight


As much as possible, try to let daylight in! Of all the sources of light you can have, it is the most natural and the most beautiful. To take full advantage of it, banish curtains that are too heavy and thick and favor lighter sheers. You can also hang some mirrors on the walls. They will reflect the sun’s rays and spread their warmth throughout the room.

4. Multiply the sources of light


Considering the previous tips, it is recommended to have several light sources available. Install small orange-colored adjustable lamps on your bedside tables to facilitate your late-night reading sessions. This way, you can change them according to your mood. You can also plug in wall sconces or light candles on your shelves for a softer, more muted overall light. But along with that, also consider having a white light ceiling fixture installed. It will be especially useful when you want to see the entire room in great detail.

5. And in children’s rooms?

In a child’s room, it’s essential to have a strong light source above the play and activity areas. This will help preserve the view of the toddlers. However, little ones also need softer moments and a more subdued atmosphere. So consider installing a bedside lamp with an orange light for quiet time in the evening.

6. Finish with accent lighting

Accent lighting highlights an object or architectural detail in the room, isolating it from the overall space. For flat objects, such as artworks, it is recommended to use unidirectional spotlights (directed beams).

However, objects that are raised cannot be illuminated in one direction; instead, use multi-directional lights, which will cut the object out of the space. Table and floor lamps also have the effect of highlighting a small area of the room. They succeed in creating an intimate space dedicated to a single activity, set back from the rest of the room.

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