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Top 5 Things To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Top 5 Things To Know About Eyelash Extensions
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Are your lashes too thin, too thin, too stiff, and/or too short for your taste? Are you tired of applying makeup every day and want to save time in the morning? You dream of not having to part with your doe eyes, even when you wake up?… There are a thousand and one reasons to be tempted by an eyelash extension application. Not only is it more practical and natural than a good coat of mascara or a false eyelash application, but this technique is also long-lasting.

Like a good blow-dry or a pretty manicure, eyelash extensions are THE thing to do to really polish your look. No more need for eye makeup: a good pair of false eyelashes speeds up your beauty routine and adorns you with a ravishing look that only several coats of mascara and a lot of patience can usually give you. We are all unanimous on their seductive potential, but what are the risks? To dispel all your doubts, we share with you all the advice of the greatest experts…

1. An uncompromisingly doe-eyed look


Imagine waking up in the morning looking like you’re already wearing makeup- you’re dreaming about it, right? Well, this is one of the great benefits of eyelash extensions! Most clients especially appreciate the fact that they don’t have to wear makeup or remove it. In summer, there is no need to worry about makeup that runs when in contact with heat and water or waterproof mascara that ends up damaging the lashes.

In winter, the eyes are energized, and lash extensions give them a real boost… And what a time saver! Enhanced, highlighted, and volumized, get ready to discover your lashes in a whole new light. Even with several coats of the best mascara on the market, the result will never be comparable with an application of eyelash extensions.

2. Different results possible

As each person is different, there is no universal way to apply for eyelash extensions. The technician who will be in charge of embellishing your eyes will have to take your specificities into account so that the result is not only up to your expectations but also corresponds to your face. This aspect is taken very seriously, and a questionnaire must be filled out before the first application.

We assure that professional cosmetologists always take the time to understand a new client and do not hesitate to advise them before directing them to the formula that they consider best suited for a natural effect, a voluminous and sophisticated result, a much more voluminous result, and a very sustained look, or even a mega-volume and density look.

Curvature, length, thickness… With lash extensions, there are as many possibilities as there are desires! All you have to do is to know which ones you want. The time of pose will depend on the expected result (between 1h15 and 2h30 on average).

3. A consequent price


Of course, eyelash extensions will allow you to save money on mascara; however (and there is little chance that you will have missed it): the price of an application and the price of a filling remain consequent. This can be explained by the fact that you are not only paying for the quality of the products used but also for the expertise of the professionals to whom you entrust the embellishment of your eyes.

A result is always more refined and sublime- eyelash extensions are always silky, light, fine, and similar to natural lashes; this is what most institutes in the United States are aiming for. A beautiful installation of eyelash extensions inevitably has a cost. That’s why before considering taking the plunge, the impact on your beauty budget must be taken into consideration. Do not expect to be able to turn to more attractive prices without compromising the quality of the final result.

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