5 Ways To Attract New Clients To Your Online Shop
Creating an online store is now easy and within everyone’s reach. However, you should know that it is not enough to have an online store to succeed before you start. You need to know your target audience’s consumption habits, their preferred communication channels, their motivations, and their obstacles. To attract new clients to your e-commerce,… (1 comment)

What Are the Different Types of Advertising? (Part 2)
I’ve talked about advertising on several occasions. Today, however, we will look at the different types of advertisements that are created to cater to a specific target market. Let us begin with political advertising as an example. Political Advertising Political advertising consists of communications that support or oppose a candidate for nomination or election to a… (0 comment)

What Are the Different Types of Advertising?
On several occasions, I’ve talked about advertising. However, today we are at an interesting part of our course pack. Today, we will explore the types of advertisements which are made which cater to a certain target market. To start off with, let us take retail advertising for starters. Retail Marketing: Retail Management is a very… (0 comment)

An Examination of the Magic Bullet Theory (Part 2)
As you have already discovered in the previous article, the magic bullet theory, also known as the hypodermic needle or direct effects model, has brought a major contribution to the evolution of the communication process in the contemporary society. Today, this theory is still being reviewed by students and communication theorists. Historical Context The magic… (0 comment)

An Examination Of The Magic Bullet Theory
 Unlike the communication models covered in the other articles, no person or group of people conceived or wrote the magic bullet theory. Instead, it refers to the mode of thinking developed and famous during a specific time frame, the 1930s. Many communication theorists quickly discredited this theory, which is today believed by many, at least… (2 comments)

Computer-Mediated Communication: Definition, Types and Theories (Part 3)
 Computer mediated communication refers to any form of communication mediated by computational technology. It is not neutral; it affects the communication process. One of the most important CMC theories is the social presence theory that was discussed preciously and that considers the phenomenon of salience a user feels with others. Today, we’ll learn some new… (0 comment)