Debunking Myth About Land Surveyors 

Debunking Myth About Land Surveyors 
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Land and property surveys can be really complicated, especially if you are someone who doesn’t understand much about the matter. This is one of the ways misinformation gets shared around because you don’t know much about it. You might ask your friends about it, and they might give you completely inaccurate information that might deter you from hiring a professional to get the job done. Especially today, with the age we live in, we can get information with the click of a button, which means that this can be both true and fake. You need to use your critical skills to discern the truth from the fake, and if you don’t know must about the subject, it might be challenging to do. Don’t worry, because we are here, and we’ll debunk some of the most popular myths about land surveyors.

#Myth 1- All surveys are the same


This is a gross generalization, and it’s like I’m telling you all pizza places are the same; yes, in theory, they provide the same service, but some are clearly better than others and might provide more accurate and detailed surveys. There are also different types of surveys on the market currently; there are homebuyer surveys, specific defect surveys, and even builders surveys. Each of them depends on your property and the one most suitable for you.

  • Building survey: it provides one of the most comprehensive reports out there and offers an in-depth evaluation of your home. You are recommended this type of survey if you are thinking of doing any major work or renovation on your home and it will give you an assessment of the cost of your future works.
  • Homebuyer survey: This type of survey detects any urgent defect in your home and gives you a report on its overall condition. It will also offer advice on how to maintain and repair subsequent repairs. It will also give you a report of how the defect might affect your home’s cost and resale value if left unattended.
  • Specific defect survey: This type of survey, as its name suggests, is specific and analyzes structural issues and defects, and they also advise you on how to best repair them.


So no all types of surveys are not the same, and this changes from company to company and from one type of survey to the next. Always hire a professional land surveyor when it comes to land surveys because, in this case, you are paying for what you are getting.

#Myth 2- It is a waste of time and money


Despite what you think and what you’ve heard or read on the internet, surveys aren’t a scam, a needless expense, or even a waste of money and, in my eyes, are a necessary thing to do. Surveys are expensive, I’ll give you that, but they more than makeup for their cost as they give you a detailed report of the land you will build on. They can discover the unexpected cost and hidden defects which can cost you thousands of dollars further down the line. This is why you need to survey your land prior to building on it, and they may provide determining factors that can deter you from buying said property. If you find any underlying issues, this might give you an upper hand in negotiating the price of that specific property. It is a cost-effective and sound investment in my books because it avoids any future issues further down the line. So, trust us on this one, surveys are really important and maybe a little costly at first, but they’ll more than pay up for themselves in the future.

#Myth 3- if you have property valuation, then you don’t need to survey it


This is one of the biggest and greatest misconceptions out there; one doesn’t equate to the other, and valuation and survey aren’t the same, especially when it comes to property evaluation. A valuation is a way for your lender to guarantee that the property you want to buy is the same worth you wish to borrow to pay for the property. While, a survey is more in-depth and provides a detailed view of your property. They do an in-depth inspection of the property, assess the land as a whole, and determine if it is suitable to live on. You won’t be at risk of any future natural disasters like landslides. They’ll ensure everything is in running order. So, no valuation isn’t the same as a survey.

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  • Thanks for explaining that land surveyors are needed by homebuyers to more easily understand what a property has in store. I’d like to look for a luxury home to buy as an investment someday so I’d like to make sure that I know exactly everything there is to know about it. Maybe I should hire a land surveyor after getting a home inspection for it.


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