Everything You Need To Know About Digital Marketing In 2022
Any marketing strategy that uses electronic devices can be used by marketers to deliver promotional messages and measure their impact on the customer journey. In practice, digital marketing generally refers to marketing campaigns delivered on computers, phones, tablets, or other devices. It can take many forms, including online video, graphic ads, search engine marketing, paid… (0 comment)

Top 4 Tips To Increase Your Web Traffic With Content Marketing
Having a website is good. But having a website that attracts visitors is better. So how to increase traffic to your website? One of the most effective and economical solutions is content marketing. Content marketing is a marketing strategy that consists in creating and publishing useful and informative content to communicate with your audience and… (2 comments)

What Is Marketing Communications?
Many definitions nowadays refer to an integrated perspective. This point of view has gained traction over the last decade and is now part of the marketing communications vocabulary. This shift to an integrated perspective, however, raises questions and debate about the purpose of marketing communications. Should the emphasis, for example, go beyond products and services?… (0 comment)

Have you ever heard of brandjacking, specifically its manifestations, on search engines? If your answer is no, believe me, you are probably not the only one. Several hundred million dollars are diverted from search budgets each year in the United States without brands being truly aware of this phenomenon. In the United States, advertisers and… (0 comment)