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SEO: How To Create A Good Meta Description?

SEO: How To Create A Good Meta Description?
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When you search for a specific term or topic in a search engine, you will get links associated with short descriptions that will give additional information about these results. These are the meta descriptions. But how to write a good meta description? This small group of words of 160 characters can be very useful in your SEO strategy. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about meta descriptions.

What is the role of a meta description?


The basic objective of a meta description is to generate clicks on the links obtained on search engines such as Google, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. When an Internet user consults the results of his query (SERP), he scrolls the page with his mouse to find the most relevant links. He will therefore be particularly interested in the meta descriptions that will provide him with more information to choose the links that interest him and click on them.

The meta description must be relevant and convincing to generate a maximum of clicks toward your pages.

In the absence of a meta description, Google will take the first lines of the text of your page. But these first lines are not necessarily selling.

Therefore, if you have a good meta description, you will be able to generate more traffic to your website and get a better ranking in search engines. This brings us to the next question: How to write a good meta description? Here are the 5 steps to follow to make a good meta description.

1. Write short texts

If the meta description is too long, it will be cut off by Google when displaying the results. A good meta description must therefore be limited to 160 characters so as not to be truncated and risk losing all its meaning. To be concise, it should be limited to about two sentences.

2. Use Call-To-Action


To encourage people to interact with your content and get them to click, it can be wise to use Call-to-Action. You can do this by using inciting words, such as the present imperative, at the beginning of the sentence. Here are some examples of terms you could use:

    • Click Here
    • Get now
    • Learn more
    • Find out about our offers


3. Do not express yourself in the passive voice

In the active voice, the subject does the action, while in the passive voice, the subject undergoes the action. To be convincing to users, it is better to use the active voice. The purpose of the meta description is to make users want to visit your site.

By using the active voice, you will encourage them to be interested in what you do and to click on your links. The way you express yourself is quite important in SEO. The more active and compelling it is, the better results you will get in terms of traffic to your site.

4. Offer a beneficial solution


Offering a relevant solution to the users will significantly boost the traffic to your website. On Google, the competition is increased, and sometimes it is necessary to find “tricks” to counter the competition and stand out on the search pages. For example:

    • Try to have more readable and shorter-to-read content compared to other meta descriptions. Users like simple and precise explanations that will take them the least amount of time to integrate.
    • Try to make complicated content easy to understand. Offer content that is as understandable as possible. A user will not bother to click on a link if he does not understand the terms.
    • Offer downloads such as guides, checklists, or white papers, for example, to highlight your expertise and skills.


Ask yourself the right SEO questions:

    • What will make an Internet user read your article rather than another?
    • How can I best optimize my content to make it more attractive?
    • How can I sell myself to Internet users and get ahead of my competitors?


Keep in mind that the meta description is the first thing we see before going to a page of a site. It will determine whether or not an Internet user will go to your site to read your article or discover your offer. It is therefore important to write it as well as possible.

5. Use precise and attractive terms

You need to use precise terms that define exactly what they will find to engage your target audience on what they will see when they click on your link. Precise and attractive terms will engage a person to click on your link. The goal is not to fill the 160 characters available with empty, imprecise terms just to “fill in the blanks”.

Also, it’s worth noting that Google may penalize your meta description if it’s considered misleading or meaningless, and this may increase your website’s bounce rate. So make sure to produce a concise and precise meta-description to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

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