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Which Shaving Brush to Choose

Which Shaving Brush to Choose
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 – Shaving brush: what is it?

 – Advantages of shaving with a shaving brush

 – How to choose the right shaving brush?

 Somewhat neglected, traditional shaving with a badger brush is now enjoying a real revival, especially for men with fragile or irritated skin.

 Back in the middle of the 18th century, the shaving brush allowed you to shave using more natural products and, therefore, be less aggressive for the skin.

 This tip tells you all about the interest of the shaving brush and gives you some hints to choose yours.

 What is a shaving brush?

Pure Badger Shaving Brush
Pure Badger Shaving Brush

 The shaving brush is made in three steps:

 – First, real badger, boar, or horsehair is harvested.

 – These hairs are then knotted together and glued to the base of the object.

 – The whole thing is then inserted into a handle.

 Good to know: there are also shaving brushes made of synthetic hair.

 Advantages of shaving with a badger brush

 Badger’s hair is used to make the shaving brush because it has two particularities:

 – It has a strong capacity to absorb water, which is essential when creating the foam to be applied to the face.

 – It is soft and does not attack the skin, making it an ally for skin that razors have badly treated with industrial blades.

 A shaving brush allows you to create an emulsion between the water and the soap. The foam thus obtained:

 – helps to lift and soften the hair;

 – facilitates shaving, which is cleaner and smoother.

 Shaving with a shaving brush is particularly recommended for sensitive male skin.

 In addition, the beard creams and soaps used for traditional shaving with a shaving brush:

 – are of better quality;

 – are more respectful of the skin;

 – avoid the tightness and discomfort associated with shaving with industrial products.

 Please note: the life span of a shaving brush is several years. Similarly, a block of shaving soap can last a year and a bowl of cream, several months.

 How to choose a shaving brush?

 Hair quality

Silver Hair Shaving Brush

 The quality of the hair of the shaving brush is a criterion not to be neglected.

 Silver hair is considered the best hair available on the market. It is taken directly from the animal’s neck; it is known for its softness and is used with shaving creams. However, it is becoming increasingly rare.

 Nevertheless, hairs close to silver are easier to find on the market and possess the same characteristics.

 The gray hair, or gray first choice, has an excellent quality/price ratio, and it is soft and moves so much easier.

 Natural badger bristles, or pure gray, equip the most economical badger brushes. It is a typical hair often chosen for its massaging effect, and you should use it with shaving soap.

 Shaving brush size

 Next comes the size of the shaving brush, which depends on the amount of hair used to make it. It is expressed in millimeters, according to the diameter of the low point of the tuft. The most common sizes are:

 – 19 millimeters for a small badger. This size is particularly suitable:

 ◦ for extra use, when traveling or on vacation;

 ◦ for beginners to badger shaving.

 – 21 millimeters for a medium, this is the best-selling size and the most suitable for a standard-sized face;

 – 23 millimeters for a large;

 – 25 millimeters for a huge one. The latter two sizes are recommended:

 ◦ for a broad face;

 ◦ or if you enjoy having a large amount of lather on your face while shaving.

 Please note: the price of a shaving brush varies depending on the amount of hair, its quality, the materials used to make the handle, and the presence or absence of decorations.

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