3 Ways To Increase Website Clicks

3 Ways To Increase Website Clicks
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We are in 2022, and no matter the size of your business, you have to have a website to gain more online visibility. Having a website and an online presence is a must nowadays and essential for any business to prosper in this technologically inclined world.

When someone searches your website, it should be on top of the search engine, and this can online be done if you are using SEO and other technique that a professional website maker will help you out with. However, you can’t trust just anyone to create your website; you need to get in touch with a professional that will ensure that you get a number of clicks and visitors each month. So, without further ado, dive into this blog and learn some of the ways to increase online traffic to your website.

1. Mobile-friendly


Even most websites are created to be viewed from a computer or laptop, and most people view them on their phones, which is why your website should be mobile-friendly. This is because we live in a mobile drive world, and most of us spend our time fixed on our phones.

Most of us google and search for things on our phones most of the time, especially if we are on the go; this is why having a mobile-responsive website is a must-have and necessity. Having this feature means that every element of your website, from the text to the design and CTA is adaptable to any kind of screen.

Images, texts, designs, and other media should not only be responsive to any kind of screen but should also be fast-loading because there is nothing more annoying than a website that takes an eternity to load. These features are key for SEO ranking signals and will increase the traffic to your website. This is why it is better to get help from a professional to design and create your website in our books.

2. Font style


This is another thing that you should be conscious of, choose a font that is easily digestible to your target audience and make sure that it is not too big or small. It should be the right size that will make it easy for everyone to read. If your target audience is middle-aged people, then you might want to opt for a font that veers in the larger size to fit, as we said earlier, your target audience.

Also, be careful with spaces as you don’t want your reader to get the wrong message, so be mindful of this when writing the content for your home and landing pages. Use powerful words like free, now, or even best to attract people to click on links and your CTAs. Keep the texts short and concise as this isn’t a blog. A succinct web copy will also make for a cleaner and less cluttered design, which will be helpful for both you and your customers.

3. Use Color Psychology


According to psychologists, colors evoke different emotions in use, and marketers have harnessed this to better market and sell things. So, when you are designing your website, make sure that your color palette is in line with your brand and is attractive. Color psychology will also come in handy when you are designing your site’s home and landing pages.

Emotions and color play an important factor in consuming and spending our money, so this will also play a major decision when customers are going through your page. You need to use a color that will attract your target audience and is compatible with your marketing message. A well-designed website will make customers more likely to click through your CTA (Call To Action).

Looking for help?


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