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Barber Shop Tips: How to Take Good Care of Your Face

Barber Shop Tips: How to Take Good Care of Your Face
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Barber Shop Tips: How to Take Good Care of Your Face

If you have a beard, this first part is dedicated to you, and if you don’t have a beard, the second part is dedicated to you. At the end of your reading, you will know how to take good care of your face and, therefore no need to go to the barber during this period of covid-19.

Let’s get started without further ado!

Castor oil for beards

Barber Shop Tips

– Castor oil for beard: origin

– On what type of beard should I use castor oil?

– Maintenance of a beard with castor oil

Castor oil is vegetable oil with unique properties. Since antiquity, it was already being used as a care product by Cleopatra, and it was in the 1950s when men began using it to strengthen and shine their hair. Beneficial for the hair and the nails, thus widely used in this regard, it is also excellent to maintain your beard and stimulate its growth. We tell you all about castor oil for beard in our article.

Castor oil for beard: origin

Castor oil is extracted from an ornamental plant that can reach a dozen meters in tropical regions. Depending on its level of maturation, the fruit of this plant is covered with green and red prickles and contains 3 seeds from which the oil is extracted. 

Castor oil is light yellow in color and rich in ricinoleic acid. It strengthens the hair and nails and stimulates their growth. 

Good to know: castor oil is excellent for stimulating beard growth and maintaining it.

On what type of beard should I use castor oil?

Because of its viscosity, you can warm the product before applying it to your beard to obtain a faster effect. This will allow the product to penetrate more deeply and release its active ingredients more quickly.

Good to know: make sure the castor oil you use is pure, not mixed with other oils (even vegetables), and 100% natural. It should also be cold-pressed and filtered.

On incipient beards

Castor oil will boost hair growth by applying the equivalent of a teaspoon of oil to the nascent beard, massaging the product over the entire surface, and insisting on the roots.

Tip: Brush the beard to ensure even application of the product. Leave on overnight.

On sparse beards

Castor oil will stimulate growth in sparse areas and increase hair thickness and pigment. In the evening, apply a teaspoon of warm castor oil to thinning areas and massage for a few minutes. Do not rinse so that the product can penetrate.

How to maintain a beard using castor oil

If your beard is full and of the length you want, 3 times a week, you can apply a small amount of castor oil, which you warm slightly between your palms. Then gently massage the product into your beard length, concentrating on the tips.

The oil will nourish your beard, strengthen the hair and make it more even. It will also give your beard a beautiful silky appearance.

Aftershave care

Barber Shop Tips

– Use of an aftershave

– Choice of aftershave

– The price of an aftershave

Whether you choose to use a classic manual, electric, or razor blade, your skin tends to react to razor burn. While shaving preparation is essential to avoid irritation, applying aftershave is just as necessary to soothe the skin.

Why use an aftershave?

The passage of the razor blade, sometimes daily, sensitizes the skin. Between micro cuts and irritations, the skin needs to be soothed. In the form of a balm or lotion, the application of an aftershave lotion is the final gesture essential to perfect the shave because it allows :

– to soothe the skin ;

– to promote the healing of cuts;

– moisturize the skin;

– to bring a feeling of freshness.

Choosing the right aftershave

Among the many aftershave products available on the market, you should avoid two types

– aftershaves that contain alcohol because they irritate the skin and delay healing;

– aftershaves with perfumes because they sensitize the skin and can cause allergies.

When choosing your aftershave, it is advisable to rely on your skin type:

– for dry skin: it is recommended to use an aftershave balm, which in addition to soothing, will also moisturize the skin;

– for oily skin: it is recommended to use an alcohol-free aftershave lotion, which tones the skin;

– for normal skin: balm or aftershave lotion, it’s a matter of taste and preference.

Good to know: Cologne, traditionally used by our grandfathers after shaving, contains alcohol. It, therefore, dries the skin and risks stinging in contact with micro-cuts. It may be suitable for oily and thick skin.

Price of an aftershave

You can find aftershave balms and lotions in supermarkets for $5 or more, and you should expect to pay an average of $10 in drugstores and about $55 in perfume stores.

You can also use an alum stone on the skin to stop bleeding.

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