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Documentum Overview

Initially developed for Boeing, the Documentum system is a software that makes storing, maintaining and organizing a massive amount of information into a common repository easy. Not only is the software perfect for converting paper-based documents into application-ready files, it also makes managing content from other applications (ranging from ERP to portals) from across the organization possible. Acting like a file system, this document management software is a fancy tool that increases productivity by allowing users to save a lot of time, cost and effort. 

Benefits of Using Documentum

There are many Content Management Software available on the market. But there’s a reason Documentum is known as the best:

1. Advanced Usability

In an organization, files containing parts of other documents from different authors is called a virtual document. Documentum is a great software for streamlining the use of virtual documents throughout an organization.

2. Superior User Interface:

The software is better than most in that it is equipped with widgets and easy-to-use tools that make navigating the software faster and easier.

3. Event Notification 

There are a few risks associated with having several authors accessing one file. One of those risks is the possibility that one author overwrites the work of another author when they are both working on the file. Another drawback to these types of files is that you are unaware of any changes that another author brought to the file. The great thing with Documentum is that the system will provide a real-time update notification to all authors when a change has been made. The notification system also includes showing who made the changes and who read the file last. So, instead of checking a file every now and then to confirm that no change has been made, you can rely on Documentum to let you know whenever something is changed.

4. Content Capabilities

Documentum is known to be very flexible as it includes workflow features, lifecycle, and auditing. These can be all be adjusted to fit your requirements.

5. Has Features that Allows for Automation

Instead of having to manually number and name a file, Documentum makes it possible for the numbering system and naming of files to be automated, leading to a significant increase in productive time and a decrease in efforts.

6. Documentation is Highly Configurable

Documentum is known to be highly configurable as it offers users the possibility of arranging documents according to specifications provided.

7. User-Friendly

Since the Documentum software can adapt to many requirements, it can be personalized making the interface very much user-friendly.

8. High Level of Security

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) programme, Documentum enforces top-notch security. Documentum has a controlled repository that makes keeping the files safe and organized possible. But there is an added advantage to using Documentum. Unlike a filesystem where anyone who has access to the hard drive can read, edit, and even delete any file on the hard drive, Documentum it is possible to give limited access to certain people. This means that they can either not see the file at all, or be able to view it without being able to edit or delete it.

9. Comes with Search Engine

Documentum can be searched the same way you search the web. The software has a search engine similar to the web search engine and involves using certain words or phrases to find a file. But Documentum surpasses your typical search engines in that you can filter using additional attributes, such as document title, subject and author. You can even make up special attributes and use any number of keywords to describe it.

10. Display of Content Made More Efficient

With the option of preview content in thumbnail form, Documentum facilitates searching for documents and provides a smarter way of viewing content.

11. Workflow

The software lets you route documents inside the system itself. Since each user has his own inbox, you can simply reroute the document to the correct user for approval or rejection or look at the files, approve, reject it yourself. You can even set up a multi-level approval process where the document goes to the supervisor for approval, before going to the team manager and eventually the project manager.

12. Version Control

When working with a typical excel or word document, you have to be extra careful when saving since one save can overwrite the whole file. If you want to keep several versions of your work, you’ll have to use the ‘Save as’ option. With Documentum you won’t have this kind of problem: any time you make a change, the software will create a new version of the file. It will also keep track of all the different versions of the file. If you ‘check it out’ when you edit, it will also prevent anyone else from editing the file while you are editing it.

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