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Barber Shop Tips to Trim Your Mustache

Barber Shop Tips to Trim Your Mustache
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Barber Shop Tips to Trim Your Mustache

You have a hectic schedule and no time to set an appointment at the barbershop; worse, you don’t want to go there because of the coronavirus, despite barbershops are taking all the necessary precautions… Why pay a barber when you can cut your mustache? Not only will you save time on your calendar, but you’ll also be happier doing things on your own. Let’s not waste any more time; this post is for you.

Trimming a mustache


– Step 1: Prepare to trim your mustache

– Step 2: Trim and Thin Your Mustache

– Step 3: Put the finishing touches on it

Looking for a hipster look, a stylish dandy look, or have you been sporting a mustache for years and want to learn how to trim it yourself? Doing it as well as a barber is possible. You only need to acquire the right equipment and the right gestures. Here’s how to trim a mustache.

1. Prepare to trim your mustache

Before starting, make sure you have the right equipment and follow a few rules when growing your mustache based on your body type.

Choose the shape of your mustache to fit your face.

Start by defining the style of mustache you want to have. You will choose according to the shape of your face that you want to highlight.

– Thin or elongated face: go for the American mustache. It is a thin mustache with a very close shave on the rest of the face.

– Round face: go for the handlebar mustache. It is a wide, thick, and full concave mustache.

– Square face: consider the French mustache. It is rounded, thin, and has slightly curled tips.

Tip: Several Internet applications allow you to test different mustaches via photo montages to help you make your choice.

Buy the necessary equipment.

You can usually find it in supermarkets or at hairdressing equipment specialists.

A comb with fine and tight teeth allows you to comb the hairs with regularity.

– Small mustache scissors to cut hair.

– A cabbage cutter to help define contours with precision.

– Shaving oil: helps trim the mustache without irritation

– Mustache gel or wax to set the shape you want it to take

Prepare your mustache.

To trim your mustache, you’ll need enough length. Be patient and let it grow for about 2-3 weeks to get enough length and substance.

Decide in advance what style of mustache you want. This will give you a good start. 

2. Trim and Thin Your Mustache

Barber Shop Tips to Trim Your Mustache


Start by standing in front of a mirror with natural light nearby. Set up all tools in front of you.

– Wet your mustache with your fingers.

– Apply shaving oil.

– Comb your mustache in the direction of the hair growth. This will smooth out all the hair.

– Using the tip of the scissors, trim any hairs that stick out from your lip. To help you, follow the natural line of your lips.

– Pinch your lips to be more precise.

– Go over it again, leaving a slight gap of about 1 mm between the lip and the beginning of the mustache.

Now that you’ve cut the length, thin out your mustache.

– Comb all the hairs in the opposite direction of their growth, i.e., upwards.

– With one hand, hold the comb, and with the other, cut all the hairs that stick out of the comb: usually 1/3 of the length of your hairs.

– Proceed gradually to avoid reducing too much.

– Stop when you are happy with the remaining volume.

3. Finish it off

Your mustache is now at the right length; you must now give it a nice shape and maintain it.

Finishing the trim.

For a clean and precise look, you need to trim the top and ends of your mustache gently.

Hold the skin taut with one hand and, with the other, slide the cabbage cutter blade over the top of your mustache in the shape you have chosen:

– for a classic mustache, you should shave off all the hair that grows past the corner of the mouth;

– for a more sophisticated mustache, do not trim the corners.

Styling your mustache.

After trimming, apply a mustache gel or wax. This will fix the new shape.

You can also add volume by tucking your lengths inside the mustache and then setting it with wax.

For mustaches with length on the sides, twist the tips and point them down or up, depending on the style you want.

You’ll be set for a week!

Tip: Fill it in with makeup if your mustache is uneven and missing hairs in certain areas. Mascara is ideal, as long as you choose the right color.

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