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Top 5 Tips For Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Top 5 Tips For Choosing Your Engagement Ring
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The choice of wedding rings is an important moment in the preparations for the wedding. The wedding ring is indeed the ultimate symbol of marriage, the jewel that will accompany you every day and that you will wear for many years! Let our advice guide you and discover the 5 essential steps to choose your wedding rings.

1. Determine your budget


Before you do anything, make sure you determine the budget you want to allocate to your wedding rings. Once you have decided on a price range, you can narrow down your search. The price of a wedding ring varies according to the materials chosen and their quality (in particular, the quality of the gold and its different carats), the sophistication of the jewel, the presence or absence of precious stones, and also the choice of the jeweller.

2. Choose the right materials

The alloy is the first criterion in the choice of your wedding ring. It is the basis of any wedding ring, and it is around it that your ring will be built. For a wedding ring, we opt for noble materials resistant to wear and tear and daily tasks. The most classic metals are gold (white, yellow or pink), platinum or palladium. Next, ask yourself whether or not you want stones on your wedding jewellery. If you want a discreet wedding ring, there is no need for precious stones.

A metal one will be perfect for you! If you want a wedding ring adorned with precious stones, the diamond is the most popular because it is a symbol of eternity. The wedding ring can be paved or set in a half, three-quarter or full circle. Be aware that a wedding ring set with diamonds or other precious stones is more fragile and requires more maintenance (you will have to remove it to sleep, for example).

3. Decide on the shape of your ring


Once you have chosen your materials, you will decide on the shape of your ring. Apart from wedding rings with stones, there are three styles of ring:

  • The half-ring: This is a round ring on the top and flat towards the inside of the finger, which guarantees maximum comfort! This is the most classic and timeless type of wedding ring, suitable for both men and women. The half-ring is usually available in several widths to form an elegant duo on the fingers of the couple!
  • The ribbon: This ring is flat on the inside and outside and forms a modern, geometric design. The ribbon is a very comfortable type of wedding ring. This unisex style is particularly popular with men. 
  • The round or full band: This is a perfectly spherical and smooth ring, curved on the inside and outside. Visually, it is the type of ring that has the most brilliance because its round appearance reflects the light more. Please note: the band is thicker than a half band or a ribbon, so it feels a bit more comfortable to wear.

4. Find the right ring size

Next, you’ll need to choose the size of your wedding ring so that it’s as comfortable as possible for everyday wear. Neither too tight nor too wide. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best not to go to the jeweller’s on a hot or cold day, as the circumference of the fingers changes in extreme temperatures.

With the stress and heat, the fingers will swell on the big day. If you are worried that your ring is too tight, soak your hand in an ice bath before the ceremony and bring greasy cream. In case you really have made a mistake, jewellers are usually accommodating and can adjust your ring!

5. Personalise your wedding ring


Finally, you can decide to have a message engraved inside your wedding ring: date of the wedding, date of your meeting, couple’s initials, romantic quote, symbol… everything is allowed if the size of the jewel allows it!

Looking for help?

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