Tips on Choosing Your Induction Cooker

Tips on Choosing Your Induction Cooker
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Tips on Choosing Your Induction Cooker

Would you like to equip your kitchen with an induction cooktop? While the number of burners and the size of this trendy cooktop are important, your choice should be dictated by the intensity of the induction cooktop. Here are a few tips on the power of the different induction hobs on the market.

Amperage and intensity of an induction cooker

Pay special attention to the power of induction hobs. They offer a wide range of cooking possibilities and are extremely precise. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular with consumers.

Before buying an induction hob, you should check the following:

The compatibility of your electrical installation with this type of cooking appliance. If in doubt, ask your energy supplier for advice.

The total power of the induction cooktop you are considering, as this can be extremely important. The total power, expressed in Watts (W), is the intensity the induction cooktop can deliver. Please note that this power is not necessarily obtained when all the hotplates of the induction cooker are turned on. Many induction hobs do not have enough power to support the simultaneous use of all burners at full power.

The individual wattage of each of the induction hobs.

Consider the power levels offered by the induction cooktop model you wish to purchase. 

Induction Cooker

With an induction hob with a high power level, you can set the desired cooking temperature with greater precision, from the lowest to the highest, generally between 0 and 15.

Good to know: Ask a cooktop specialist before buying an induction cooktop. He or she can guide you toward an appliance perfectly suited to your needs and compatible with your electrical installation.

The intensity of an induction cooktop: be careful with the connection

Induction Cooker

Unlike some cooking appliances, the induction cooker cannot be connected to just any circuit breaker. Since the current of an induction cooker is very high, you must:

have a circuit breaker with a capacity of at least 6200 W;

Use this circuit breaker only for your induction cooker;

Never connect another appliance to the circuit breaker that houses an induction cooktop, even occasionally;

Use only a 6 mm² (6²) cable or higher;

Have a minimum amperage of 32 Amps (A).

Note that the power of an electric meter is expressed in kW (kilo Watts) or kVA (kilovolt amperes).

Good to know: if you have a 6 kW electrical installation, you cannot use another electrical appliance at the same time as your induction cooker. Ideally, you should ask your energy supplier to increase your subscription to 9 kW or even 12 kW. For your information, you should know that 12 kW corresponds to 60 Amps. This will allow you to connect several electrical appliances simultaneously for a total power of 12 000 W. Beyond that, the meter will go into safety mode, breaking the circuit.

Amperage levels of an induction cooker

After these various amperage checks, consider the power levels of the induction cookers you wish to compare before purchasing. Here’s what they mean:

the minimum intensity level is between 45 and 55 W;

the maximum intensity level is between 2,000 and 3,500 W.

The Booster control button, present on some induction hob models, is useful for increasing the power of an induction hob for a relatively short period (a few minutes). In this case, the intensity of the concerned hob can be increased from 400 to 1,500 W. This booster function is helpful for rapid heating or heating up without wasting time (boiling water, for example).

Hope this post has provided you with the information you were looking for. Remember to jot down a few words in the comments below. 

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