4 Things Everyone Should Know About Cranes

4 Things Everyone Should Know About Cranes
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As technology has advanced, lifting cranes have become much more common. Almost all construction and demolition projects and the transportation or shipping of heavy materials require powerful lifting cranes. However, the success of your project depends on choosing the right crane.

This choice will also help you avoid potential accidents and damage, saving you time and money, and enhancing your reputation as a safe place to work. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some things everyone should know about cranes.

1. Definition


A self-propelled mobile crane is a lifting machine most often used during the construction of a tower. Its chassis was designed to allow the machine to access and work on sites that are often difficult to access for standard models. Versatile, it can also operate in various sectors of activity such as transport, maintenance, or industry.

2. Field of application

This type of machine is useful, for example, to lift, move and deliver materials on a construction site, in the public works field. It can also be used on renovation sites during certain works at height. But a self-propelled mobile crane can also be used to facilitate the assembly of a fixed tower crane. This is especially the case during the construction of large towers, which often require high-performance machines.

3. How does a mobile self-propelled crane work?


In contrast to other crane models, a self-propelled mobile crane is most distinguished by its self-propelled chassis. This all-terrain chassis guarantees a high degree of traction and efficient energy transmission through its axles and turret.

For the lifting system, a self-propelled mobile crane takes between 10 and 15 minutes to deploy, with the help of a single operator. This performance is due in large part to the integrated hydraulic system and the onboard telescopic cylinder, especially for telescopic models. Depending on the model, the self-propelled mobile crane is also equipped with directional axles that allow the machine to maneuver even on the most confined sites.

At the cutting edge of technology, some models of self-propelled mobile cranes make the operator’s job even easier by offering the possibility of maneuvering the equipment remotely. Typically, the system combines radio control with Bluetooth technology. This allows the operator to leave the cabin while controlling every movement of the machine.

4. How much does a self-propelled mobile crane cost?

The purchase price

Depending on the size and performance of the device, a self-propelled crane is estimated at around 500,000 dollars. The cheapest models in this category are often two-axle machines powered by an engine of 175 kilowatts. The maximum lifting height offered can reach approximately 35 meters. As for the maximum payload offered, it remains around 45 tons. This type of equipment can be used in various sectors of activity, both professional and private.

However, for a high-performance self-propelled mobile crane, the price can rise to over 5,000,000 dollars. The crane in question is primarily a self-propelled chassis with a power rating of almost 500 kilowatts. On the road, the machine is about 20 meters long. On the construction site, however, it is capable of lifting to 1,200 tons with its telescopic boom that can be extended to a distance of approximately 200 meters.

The rental price


The rental price of a self-propelled mobile crane depends on several main factors, such as the accompaniment of a driver, the maximum payload of the device, the proposed maximum lifting height, and the area of use.

However, most rental companies generally quote daily costs of between 750 and 3000 dollars. At this rate, the maximum lifting height of the proposed machine varies between 40 and 100 meters. The maximum load is limited to between 5 and 150 tons.

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