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10 Weird American Foods

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Every country has some culinary miracles that not everyone wants to enjoy. There are foods that are not exactly the best to see and eat and most people wonder how these foods are some people’s favorites. America may be the birthplace of the airplane and the printing press, but you know what else they have? Weird foods, America has stock weird foods that just make it among the top whenever I search for weird foods. Well, it is hard to accept but some people do like weird foods. It is okay to accept that as every country has some weird foods that they are pretty proud of. Today we are going to explore all about the different American foods that are outrageously seen by foreigners and enjoyed by most Americans.


Not to be confused with that American soft drink popular in the ’90s, Scrapple is actually a mixture of pork scraps, that are combined with cornmeal and flour, then fried. It is a shoot-out to Pennsylvania’s Dutch settlers and their money saving ways, but those scraps and trimmings also make it like the original mass-manufactured hotdog, but without any of the fun of a bun or a grill.

Rattlesnake stew

It’s a steaming bowl of a reptile that’d totally kill you. Pro: You can tell yourself that you’re a badass/cowboy the whole time you eat. Con: You’re totally wondering if there’s any way you’re about to die from this.

Rocky Mountain oysters

Chopped, battered and deep fried testicles definitely deserve a spot on any list of strange American foods. The Western United States is the home of this delicacy, sometimes called Rocky Mountain Oysters. It is so popular that there is even an annual festival- The Testy Festy- in Montana to celebrate.

Fried alligator

Killing and eating a giant, almost pre-historic animal is about the closest you’ll ever get to Chuck Norris-status. Alligator fritters are one of the strangest American foods that you can actually find in more than a few places, like Florida and Louisiana. Alligators fritters look similar to chicken nuggets but it is different in taste.


American-sized immigrant fare, the Italian sandwich is typically ordered by the quarter… because even a half is too much to house, even by our super-sized standards. It’d be ranked higher if our dry cleaning bills weren’t so long thanks to olive salad drippings. While most people like it, it is one food that everyone must taste once in their lifetime.

Turtle Soup

Louisiana has a culture all its own, and turtle soup is a huge part of it. Of the strange American foods that exist, turtle soup really makes you wonder what you’re eating. The meat comes from the upper and lower shells, called Brain Sandwiches. Indiana, USA is the home of one of the most bizarre and strange American foods. Deep fried brains, originally from a cow but now from pigs, date back all the way to the Dutch and German settlers who did not waste a thing. Today it has been made famous by the Hilltop Inn in Evansville.calipash and calipee respectively.

Smoked Bear

Okay this food totally shocked me; Alaska is a state where you can expect weird food from everywhere. One of the most Alaskan foods is smoked bear. Black bear is high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol, and definitely grown in the wild. This food is most appreciated by Native Alaskans, who eat it occasionally. If you are visiting Alaska, better avoid this food as the big animals might carry diseases.


A Polynesian starch staple food, it is made from the stem of the taro plant. It has the consistency of grits and is typically served as a side dish with salt and pepper. The taste is completely unique. You can have it with bread or simply the way it is. One thing for sure, it is advisable to have it when you are fed up with oily and heavy foods.

Chocolate Covered Friend Bacon with Sprinkles

Whatever you want to call it, please do, because there is not exactly anything that we can relate to this special food. Mostly found in states like Illinois, the bacon covered chocolate with sprinkles is a must-try. I think you will end up loving the sweet and salty flavor.


Meant to be a healthy snack, this food is a mixture of meat and fat and protein. This looks somehow like some bland dog food. Well, I haven’t tasted it but if you want to then head to Montana.

There is no food in the world that can stop a foodie from having it but these are few exceptions that are not meant to be avoided. Though, these foods are different in colors and weird tastes. If you are not adventurous enough, then don’t go to the US for the weird foods.

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