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Top 6 Advantages of Digital Marketing

Top 6 Advantages of Digital Marketing
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Any marketing strategy that uses electronic devices can be used by marketers to deliver promotional messages and measure their impact on the customer journey. In practice, digital marketing generally refers to marketing campaigns delivered on computers, phones, tablets, or other devices. It can take many forms, including online video, graphic ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads, and social media posts.

Digital marketing is often compared to “traditional marketing,” such as magazine ads, billboards, and direct mail. Oddly, television is often lumped in with traditional marketing. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the advantages of digital marketing.

1. Wide geographic reach


When you post an ad online, people can see it wherever they are (provided you haven’t limited your ad geographically). In other words, you can easily expand the market reach of your business.

2. Profitability

Digital marketing not only reaches a wider audience than traditional marketing but also costs less. The overhead costs associated with newspaper ads, TV spots, and other traditional marketing opportunities can be high. They also give you less control over how your target audiences will perceive these messages in the first place.

Digital marketing allows you to create a single piece of content that draws visitors to your blog while it’s active. You can create an email marketing campaign that distributes your messages to targeted customer lists with scheduling and content that you can easily change as needed. When it all comes together, digital marketing gives you more flexibility and customer contacts, reflecting the expense of your ads.

3. Quantifiable results


To know if your marketing strategy is working, you need to know how many customers it has attracted and the total revenue generated. But what about the non-digital marketing strategy? That leaves the classic option of asking each customer, “What did you think of us?”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for every industry. Many companies fail to have face-to-face conversations with their customers, and survey results are not always complete.

With digital marketing, tracking results is simple. Digital marketing software and platforms automatically track the number of desired conversions you’re getting, whether it’s open email rates, visits to your landing page, or direct purchases.

4. Simplified personalization

Digital marketing allows you to collect customer data, unlike offline marketing. Digitally collected data is usually much more accurate and specific.

Imagine you offer financial services, and you want to send special offers to people who have viewed your products. You know you’ll get better results if you target the offer to the person’s interest, so you decide to prepare two campaigns. One is for young families who have looked at your life insurance products, and the other is for Gen Y entrepreneurs who have considered your retirement plans.

How do you collect all this data without automated tracking? How many phone records will you need to analyze? How many customer profiles? And how do you know who did and didn’t read the brochure you sent? Digital marketing already has all this information at its fingertips.

5. More connection with customers


Digital marketing allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time. More importantly, it allows them to connect with you. Think about your social media strategy. When your target audience sees your latest post, that’s great, but it’s even better when they comment or share it.

This means more buzz around your product or service and increased visibility every time someone joins the conversation. Interactivity also benefits your customers. Their level of engagement increases as they become active participants in your brand story. This sense of engagement can help you create a strong sense of brand loyalty.

6. Simple and useful conversions

Digital marketing allows your customers to act immediately after seeing your ad or content. With traditional ads, the most immediate result you can hope for is a phone call shortly after someone sees your ad. But how often does a person have time to contact a business while cooking dinner, driving down the highway, or working?

With digital marketing, she can click on a link or save a blog post and immediately move through the sales funnel. She may not make a purchase immediately, but she’ll stay connected with you and give you a chance to interact further.

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