An Examination Of The Magic Bullet Theory
 Unlike the communication models covered in the other articles, no person or group of people conceived or wrote the magic bullet theory. Instead, it refers to the mode of thinking developed and famous during a specific time frame, the 1930s. Many communication theorists quickly discredited this theory, which is today believed by many, at least… (2 comments)

Computer-Mediated Communication: Definition, Types and Theories (Part 3)
 Computer mediated communication refers to any form of communication mediated by computational technology. It is not neutral; it affects the communication process. One of the most important CMC theories is the social presence theory that was discussed preciously and that considers the phenomenon of salience a user feels with others. Today, we’ll learn some new… (0 comment)

Everything About  And Evaluation (Part 2)
PR is part of the management task and is subject to the same disciplines, such as the need to set direction, allocate and manage resources, and most importantly monitor progress. Evaluation has been seen as the measurement of results against objectives. It is also described as the systematic assessment of a PR campaign and its… (0 comment)

The Etiquette of Business Meetings
Much of the communication that takes place in the workplace happens in meetings. Unfortunately, too many of those meetings are unproductive because specific goals are not usually set for the meetings. To help you ensure productivity in your business meetings, this article goes in-depth to explain the planning and conducting phase of such meetings. What… (0 comment)

Shannon’s Model of Communication in Business Organisations
Communication plays a crucial role in our everyday life. It can be found everywhere in our modern society, from home to the workplace. The Shannon’s communication model is a model of communication developed during the 20th century that provides a framework to understand the whole process of human communication better. So let’s take a look… (0 comment)

The Ultimate Public Speaking Guide: Smart Tips to Prepare for a Public Speaking Performance Like A Pro
Speaking in public is one of those things that goes a long way for most people. Having to face an audience is something for which one is not born prepared, and it is normal to have doubts and be nervous. But for many people, it is an insurmountable barrier, capable of unleashing unpleasant fears and… (0 comment)

Crisis Management and Crisis Communication
In 1963, Charles F. Hermann defined a crisis as: “….something that threatens high-priority values of the organization and is unexpected or unanticipated by the organization.” A crisis is a time of catastrophe or disaster. It can occur at any time, anywhere and is unpreventable. Today we will learn about workplace crisis management, thanks to our… (0 comment)