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Top 4 Tips To Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Top 4 Tips To Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy
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The presence of your company on the web is essential, whatever its size, your sector of activity, or your offer. For entrepreneurs who have not yet taken this step, digital transformation is becoming a must. Digital is, above all, an almost unlimited source of opportunities! It even gives meaning to your entire marketing strategy, allowing you to be closer than ever to your consumers. Thanks to the web, you can exchange with them, collect their opinions, analyze their behaviors and personalize each relationship you have with them.

Nevertheless, all this is not done in a snap. It requires time, reflection, and above all, constant optimization work. The Internet evolves quickly, so you must be able to grow with it. This implies laying solid foundations that will be used for each of the marketing actions that you will implement. That’s what we’re going to help you do with these four basic tips for building your digital marketing strategy.

1. Analyze your competitors’ digital strategy


Before building your digital marketing strategy, you should start by analyzing your competitors’ strategies. On which channels do they communicate? Which publications are the most successful on social networks and which are less so? How is their website built? What about their editorial line? etc.

This benchmark of your competitors can be added to an audit of your current digital presence if you are already active on the web. You can then compare and identify your assets and possible improvement points compared to what your competitors are doing. The goal is not to copy but to inspire you (to do even better!).

This analysis can also be part of a more global approach. It is relevant if you are creating a new activity. You can then use tools like the SWOT method. This acronym designates your strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats for your business. The SWOT method consists in identifying the internal and external factors that favor your business and those that handicap it.

2. List SMART objectives

As soon as you start thinking about your digital marketing strategy, you already have some objectives in mind. For example, you want to increase traffic on your website, generate more leads, or build customer loyalty. To measure the relevance and effectiveness of your strategy, it is best to list SMART objectives. The S.M.A.R.T. methodology designates the five criteria you should use to characterize the objectives of your marketing strategy. A SMART objective is, therefore:

  • Specific: it is clear, simple, and unambiguous;
  • Measurable: it is quantifiable in order to measure its performance at the end of your campaign;
  • Achievable: it is ambitious, but the steps to reach it are adapted to your context;
  • Realistic: it is coherent with the resources (financial, human, or material) you have available;
  • Temporal: it is defined in time to encourage you to take action.

Let’s take an example: you want to increase the traffic to your website. Your SMART goal would be to increase your website traffic by 25% over a year by improving your SEO and running Google Ads. Listing your SMART goals can be a difficult exercise, but it is essential and always rewarding.

3. Define your marketing personas


The performance of your marketing actions depends on your ability to deliver the right message at the right time and especially to the right target. When you build your web marketing strategy, one of the key points is to understand who you are addressing. This is what your marketing personas are for. A marketing persona, also known as a buyer persona, is a semi-fictional character that represents a segment of your customers. In short, it is the representation of an ideal customer.

Therefore, you have as many personas as target segments (you can start by creating three or four). The personality, consumption habits, and all other information you compile about your personas are based on real data. The better you know your personas, the easier it will be to deploy an effective digital marketing strategy. This thought process should help you identify which media to focus on, which messages to put forward, or even at what times to communicate.

4. Evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns 

Digital is constantly evolving, so your strategy should be too. It is important to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns regularly. The data you collect is always rich in information. They give you food for thought about the quality of your content, the frequency of your campaigns, their targeting, or even the budget you spend on them. To measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing actions, you can list relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for each of your communication channels.

They allow you to identify the blocking points that your users encounter and which therefore penalize your growth. In your newsletters, you can analyze the click rate. The latter is also relevant for your Google Ads campaigns, compared with the cost per click (CPC). If you have an online store, you can, for example, analyze the average shopping cart’s conversion rate or evolution. There are many others! Discover 9 e-commerce KPIs that you absolutely must analyze.

Building a digital marketing strategy takes time. However, once you have laid the foundations, it will be easier to define the actions to be taken. To save time, you can also call on a digital marketing expert! He can help you build your strategy step by step and optimize it to ensure better results.

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