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What Are the Methods for Sending Parcels (Part 2)

What Are the Methods for Sending Parcels (Part 2)
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This post is a continuation from Part 1 on What Are the Methods for Managing Logistics? Lately, we have gone through:

– Logistic transport: management of the dispatch of goods

– Several modes of logistical transport according to distance

– The additional services of logistic transport

Part 2 will now cover the following:

– Sending parcels: choose a mode of transport

– A single or grouped parcel shipment?

– Complementary services to the sending of parcels

Parcels’ sending is, together with express transport, one of the most widespread couriers’ services.

Sending parcels: choose a mode of transport

Depending on the parcel’s size, destination, and transport type according to time requirements, transportation will differ.

Here are the different modes of delivery that exist:


Type of transport

Package size


Hourly requirements

Bike courier

Small parcel.

Urban area.

Suitable for express parcel delivery from less than 1 hour to 24 hours.

Motorcycle courier

Small parcel.

Urban area.

Suitable for express parcel delivery from less than 1 hour to 24 hours.

Car courier

Small and medium parcels.

Local, regional or national shipping.

Delivery between 1 h and 48 h.

Truck courier

Parcels and pallets.

Local, regional, national or international shipping.

Delivery between 24 h and 72 h.

A single or grouped parcel shipment?

The sending of parcels by the courier can be done in a unit or grouped way.

Sending unitary parcels: 2 formulas to choose from

Sending unit packages consists of sending one box at a time.

The courier comes to collect a single package from the sender, and according to the chosen formula, will make a delivery:

– directly to the recipient,

– will group the delivery with other deliveries to be made in the delivery area.

Grouped parcel shipment: frequent and numerous shipments

Grouped parcel shipping consists of sending several parcels at the same time.

– It is also sometimes referred to as bulk distribution.

– This is advantageous for trading companies or companies that exchange many parcels with their supplier every day.

Additional services for sending parcels

When sending a package, the couriers offer their customers other services:

– express transport: the courier undertakes to ensure that the parcel is delivered within a few hours,

– On-site pick-up and hand delivery: the package is picked up directly from the sender and handed over to the recipient in person,

– signature of the transport order upon pick-up and delivery,

– Real-time monitoring of the evolution of the delivery:

◦ on the internet,

◦ via a call center,

◦ by sending SMS, etc.;

– parcel insurance, etc.

– Express transport: shopping with a time imperative

– Conditions: geographical area covered and parcel standards

Express transport: the ideal service for urgent errands

Courier companies offer a wide range of services in the field of courier transport:

– the sending of parcels,

– express transport,

– or logistic transport.

Express transport: trips with a time imperative

Express transport is a service offered by courier companies for urgent errands.

It is carried out with a guaranteed delivery time from one point to another.

This service can be offered with several levels of speed:

– in a defined time,

– with delivery before a specific time.

Examples of this are:

– a company wants a letter to be delivered within 1 hour to an administration,

– a company wants its customer to receive his package before 9:00 am or before noon the next day.

With this service, customers know in advance the delivery times.

Please note: express transport can be offered both nationally and internationally and whatever the type of goods.

Conditions: geographical area covered and parcel standards

The acceptance of a shipment in express transport is subject to certain conditions:

– a destination served,

– packages or folds meeting the carrier’s requirements.

Destination of an express transport: covered by the network

For a courier to provide express transportation, the shipment destination must be part of its network.

– Before requesting this type of service, the sender must ensure that the courier offers the desired destination.

– Indeed, some couriers only work in defined geographical areas.

Carrier requirements: parcels that meet the standards

Carriers require standards for folds, packages, or pallets, particularly concerning:

– packaging,

– the format,

– content, etc.

Attention! Most carriers do not deliver on Saturdays.

Express transport: the advantages of a courier

Courier companies mainly offer express transportation.

This type of company offers several advantages in the handling of an urgent errand:

– the race is entrusted to the available courier closest to the pick-up area,

– the company is bound to the customer by a contract and must comply with its conditions,

– the company can take care of the administrative and customs formalities in case of shipment abroad.

If you wish to contact a provider of this kind of service, you can visit Drayage Florida Inc., and don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the section below.

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