Top 3 Reasons For Your Company To Have Social Media Pages

Top 3 Reasons For Your Company To Have Social Media Pages
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Social media are now part of everyday life and are present in almost every country. They have become very popular with certain populations who can interact with brands and distribute content. This is why Internet users are now choosing these social media more than “classic” websites.

The big BtoC brands have understood the interest they could get from this trend and are very active on social media, but what about BtoB companies? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best reasons to use social media for a BtoB company.

1. Reinforce your visibility and create traffic to your website


A good social media strategy will allow you to reinforce your referencing and thus improve your brand’s visibility on the internet, provided that you propose relevant content to your community that will interest them and remains adequate with the image you wish to spread. Your visitor, interested in your subject, will go to your website or your landing page.

Some wrongly consider that you should only turn to professional social networks (LinkedIn) in BtoB. In reality, you should choose your social media according to your professional environment, your editorial line, and the specificity of each social network. But all social networks can be interesting for the development of your business in BtoB.

2. Create links with your partners and increase your notoriety

73% of buyers consult discussions on social media to make an opinion. If you want to connect with partners or potential customers, the question is no longer whether to be there but how to make the most of it. These days, the most effective advertising is what others are doing for you, and that includes a lot of social platforms. The power is no longer with the brands but with the consumer.

It is important to realize that these social media are media in their own right, and it is up to you to make the most of them. With these new tools, you can promote a close relationship with the Internet user by significantly improving your digital communication, such as posting a status, putting a link, broadcasting photos or videos, and giving Internet users access to recent information.

You will be able to exchange more easily with your community, reinforcing a close relationship. Your brand’s communities can talk about it and share your content and messages with the aim of acquiring new communities and, therefore, potential new customers. They become ambassadors for your brand. You can now also anticipate since you have the possibility to access statistics in real-time.

Indeed, at any time, it is possible to evaluate your progress, know the number of visits, and where visitors come from with recent and complete information to better analyze and understand them in order to react accordingly. All these social media platforms offer free solutions, thus reducing your marketing expenses, highlighting your expertise, and overflowing with members who can consume and relay your messages.

3. Capture new customers and recruit your future employees


95% of business leaders are on social networks. This is a great opportunity to identify and attract new customers. You can interact with your community by encouraging them to like your page, click on a call-to-action, propose offers, or simply by answering their questions. Broadcast interesting content (text, photos, video..), and, in one click, people will share it with others who will be able to see it live on their mobile.

More and more companies are using social networks to recruit employees without going through specialized agencies. This form of recruitment is based on community principles or co-optation solutions that save time and ensure you reach the people you want. User feedback is a good way to measure the impact of your offers or products’ impact without launching costly studies.

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