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How to Choose Your Beard Brush

How to Choose Your Beard Brush
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How to Choose Your Beard Brush


    – Beard brush: utility

    – Characteristics of a beard brush

    – Use of the beard brush

    – Beard brush: its price

All bearded men know that a beard, to be beautiful, needs to be maintained. Apart from care products such as shampoos and moisturizers, one of the essential tools for beard maintenance is the brush. How to choose it, and of course, how to use it? This post focuses on beard brushes and their use.

Beard brushes: Usefulness

Like hair, beard hair gets tangled, even forms knots, and very quickly, it looks shaggy, gives a neglected appearance, and seems shapeless. On the other hand, a brushed beard has a regular appearance; it is smooth, neat, and elegant.

For bearded people, the beard brush, like the hairbrush, is an instrument that is used daily:

    – It allows it to smooth, untangle, and reduce its volume.

    – It also masks its irregularities, sparse areas, or on the contrary, too full by distributing the hair more evenly.

    – It also stimulates the sebaceous glands, allowing the hair to maintain flexibility.

Characteristics of a beard brush

Brushing a beard requires a beard brush. Beard brushes are small instruments with stiffer bristles than a hairbrush but less dense to avoid pulling on the hairs, which is painful and can cause them to be torn out.

A beard brush is smaller and more comfortable to hold and handle. It also adapts to different angles, allowing easy and efficient brushing. Some are round and can be held in the palm, while others, like a traditional brush, have a handle.

There are different types of beard brushes. Some are made of natural hair, mostly boar, horse, or pig, while others are made of synthetic hair.

Synthetic brushes often generate static electricity that causes the beard to swell, giving the impression of a shaggy beard, especially when it is full. The advantage of natural hair brushes is that they prevent static electricity. They offer a smooth and easy brushing.

Use of the beard brush

How to Choose Your Beard Brush

First, you should know that a beard should never be brushed wet. Dry it well after washing it, either in a dryer if it is long or by patting it with a towel if it is short.

Before brushing, you can apply castor oil or another beard oil, which has a nourishing action on the beard and gives it a silky appearance. This will make brushing more pleasant:

    – Start by brushing the cheeks, then the length, sides, and neck.

    – Brush gently, without pulling, in the direction of the hair, from top to bottom.

    – Also, brush the mustache, holding the brush parallel to the direction of hair growth.

    – For neck hair, raise your head slightly, then hold the brush at an angle so that there is a 45-degree angle between the brush and your beard.

Beard brush: its price

Natural hair beard brushes start at $8 and go up to $25 for the top-of-the-line.

Synthetic bristle brushes cost about $8 to $10.

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