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How Do I Make a Wedding Table Plan?

How Do I Make a Wedding Table Plan?
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 – Wedding table plan: how to place your guests?

 – Table Layout

Whether your reception takes place in a wedding hall, a restaurant, a magnificent castle or even outdoors in a wedding tent, you will have to decide on a wedding table plan.

 A lot of tact and diplomacy will be required to establish a successful table plan. It is a rather difficult step, so it is advisable to organise it within two to three months before your wedding.

 However, take into account that you will have last-minute cancellations or additions of guests (new conquest). In this case, it will be necessary to readjust it according to the guests present.

Wedding table plan: how to place your guests?

 Originally, the table plan was designed to mix the two families to get to know each other better.

 Today, this is a bit of a thing of the past, and if you want to avoid “breaking the mood” so that everyone has fun, is happy and is not bored for hours on the day of your wedding meal, we advise you to place your guests preferably by affinity.

Be aware that there is no well-defined rule of good manners on the table plan.

Placement of the bride and groom

 The bride and groom are seated at the so-called “table of honour”, which is placed at the centre of the reception hall and usually welcomes relatives and witnesses.

 Depending on who will be sharing the bride and groom’s table, you may want to consider guests who get along well and who you particularly like. Don’t forget that you will move from table to table to exchange with your guests.

The bride and groom may also choose a head table on a dais. They will be placed face to face or face to face with their guests.

 In all cases, do as you feel, the wedding should look like you, be joyful and warm and please your entourage.

Placement of guests in general

 It is, therefore, preferable to place guests by affinity, taking into account the personality of each and their ages.

 This is often a real headache where it is necessary to harmonise the tables between them to avoid the blunders and odd ones which can “plummet” an evening. Tact and delicacy will therefore be ethe order of the day

 It is thus strongly advised not to place at the same table:

 – people who don’t get along, even if you want them to make up that day;

 – the ex-fiance(e) close to the bride and groom.

 You can try to create your next “love story” by placing a few singles together.

 In some cultures, boyfriend and girlfriend gangs are very happy to get together, especially if they haven’t been seen for a long time. So it’s a good idea to leave them together.

 Placement of single people

 Yes, there are always single people who are invited to a wedding. Don’t forget them! They need to have fun and meet other people on your wedding day.

 Place them according to their interests and professional background, and this will open the discussion.

 Placement of parents

 You have the choice between mixing the two respective families or making one table per family. It is up to you to decide, and you can also discuss it with them. Or, you can also place them with their friends.

Placement of the children

 Of course, all the children should be together and if possible, have their own space. The same goes for babies.

 Don’t hesitate to ask for a wedding babysitter so that all parents can enjoy the meal and the evening.

Table layout

 The table plan also depends on the shape of your tables. Whether rectangular or square, tables often seat 8 or even 10 people. However, round tables are much more user-friendly. You can also opt for the traditional large U-shaped table.

 Ask the wedding venue estate for advice. They will be able to help you, and this will be of great help to them because they must be able to organise their service in the best conditions.

Customise tables

 To raise the atmosphere if you are numerous, do not hesitate to give a name to your tables according to the wedding theme (islands, flowers, movies, writers, animals). There is no lack of ideas to personalise your tables.

 Display names of tables with the table plan at the entrance of the room so that your guests can easily find their way around. Also, install a small placeholder on each table with the name of each guest. This will save a lot of time, and the service can start with peace of mind.

 Don’t forget to decorate your tables with your wedding theme and use a variety of wedding decorations: centrepieces, bouquets, balloons of all colours, chair covers, etc. To learn more about wedding table plan and how to organise other important events, you can get in touch with Summerfields Estate & Country House in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs.

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