Which Wedding Theme to Choose From?


 – Which wedding theme to choose from?

 – The choice of colours

 – Decoration for a themed wedding


You have chosen a themed wedding to get off the beaten track; it’s original and less traditional. The theme will make this day all the more unforgettable and will amaze all your guests.

 Know that the most beautiful wedding is the one that looks like you, the one that is in your image; it will be in harmony with your couple.


Which wedding theme to choose from?

 Before choosing your wedding theme, be aware that there is no shortage of ideas. However, you will take several factors into account, such as:

 – Is it a big wedding or an intimate wedding?

 – Don’t neglect the season.

 – Take into account your budget.

 – Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?


Ideas for wedding themes

 It is currently very trendy to choose a theme for your wedding, and you are spoilt for choice: exotic, country, fairy tale, cinema, music, travel. The theme wedding offers a change of scenery and originality.

– For a summer wedding: it is easier to choose a wedding with a taste of the islands or a ceremony on a big boat.

– For a romantic wedding: Summerfields is the perfect venue for your dream wedding, with everything you need from the exquisite ceremony and photography backdrops to the wedding reception venue in one place. They have been hosting picture-perfect weddings and unique events of all kinds. The house’s style and elegance are typical of the Cape Cod-style architecture reminiscent of the East Coast of America. Set on beautiful grounds surrounded by a grove of 2,000 olive trees and an ornamental lake, Summerfields is encircled by beautiful semi-formal gardens and terrace and occupied by a family of resident geese.

– For a fairy tale wedding, you will opt for a castle with a horse-drawn carriage pulled by beautiful horses.

– For a movie wedding: music, movie credits, the cinema will be the main props.

 ◦ The tables can be named after movie actors,

 ◦ You will be able to hang film posters on the walls of the reception hall.


The choice of colours

 To remain in the extension and continuity, you will also have to define colours: 2 or even 3 maximum with a dominant colour.

 The colours you will have chosen can be “imposed” or with a small touch in the bride and groom’s outfits, the bridesmaids and children of honour or even the guests (tie, clutch, barrette) to remain in harmony with the theme of your wedding.


The dominant colours will set the tone of the wedding:

 – black and white, very trendy;

 – blue (different shades of blue) for the sea, the islands, the boats;

 – Pink for a romantic, traditional, retro note;

 – green for an ecological, natural wedding, it brings a spring or country spirit for an outdoor meal;

 – red for a passionate wedding.


Decoration for a themed wedding

 You will also accessorise your themed wedding by adding a personal touch to your decoration for the reception hall, tables, car and other decorations related to the celebration of your wedding.

 Therefore, the decoration will be based on the wedding theme that you will have defined as well as the colours.


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How Do I Make a Wedding Table Plan?


Hope this post would have helped you decide which wedding theme to choose. Don’t forget to share and comment on your experience below.

How Do I Make a Wedding Table Plan?


 – Wedding table plan: how to place your guests?

 – Table Layout

Whether your reception takes place in a wedding hall, a restaurant, a magnificent castle or even outdoors in a wedding tent, you will have to decide on a wedding table plan.

 A lot of tact and diplomacy will be required to establish a successful table plan. It is a rather difficult step, so it is advisable to organise it within two to three months before your wedding.

 However, take into account that you will have last-minute cancellations or additions of guests (new conquest). In this case, it will be necessary to readjust it according to the guests present.

Wedding table plan: how to place your guests?

 Originally, the table plan was designed to mix the two families to get to know each other better.

 Today, this is a bit of a thing of the past, and if you want to avoid “breaking the mood” so that everyone has fun, is happy and is not bored for hours on the day of your wedding meal, we advise you to place your guests preferably by affinity.

Be aware that there is no well-defined rule of good manners on the table plan.

Placement of the bride and groom

 The bride and groom are seated at the so-called “table of honour”, which is placed at the centre of the reception hall and usually welcomes relatives and witnesses.

 Depending on who will be sharing the bride and groom’s table, you may want to consider guests who get along well and who you particularly like. Don’t forget that you will move from table to table to exchange with your guests.

The bride and groom may also choose a head table on a dais. They will be placed face to face or face to face with their guests.

 In all cases, do as you feel, the wedding should look like you, be joyful and warm and please your entourage.

Placement of guests in general

 It is, therefore, preferable to place guests by affinity, taking into account the personality of each and their ages.

 This is often a real headache where it is necessary to harmonise the tables between them to avoid the blunders and odd ones which can “plummet” an evening. Tact and delicacy will therefore be ethe order of the day

 It is thus strongly advised not to place at the same table:

 – people who don’t get along, even if you want them to make up that day;

 – the ex-fiance(e) close to the bride and groom.

 You can try to create your next “love story” by placing a few singles together.

 In some cultures, boyfriend and girlfriend gangs are very happy to get together, especially if they haven’t been seen for a long time. So it’s a good idea to leave them together.

 Placement of single people

 Yes, there are always single people who are invited to a wedding. Don’t forget them! They need to have fun and meet other people on your wedding day.

 Place them according to their interests and professional background, and this will open the discussion.

 Placement of parents

 You have the choice between mixing the two respective families or making one table per family. It is up to you to decide, and you can also discuss it with them. Or, you can also place them with their friends.

Placement of the children

 Of course, all the children should be together and if possible, have their own space. The same goes for babies.

 Don’t hesitate to ask for a wedding babysitter so that all parents can enjoy the meal and the evening.

Table layout

 The table plan also depends on the shape of your tables. Whether rectangular or square, tables often seat 8 or even 10 people. However, round tables are much more user-friendly. You can also opt for the traditional large U-shaped table.

 Ask the wedding venue estate for advice. They will be able to help you, and this will be of great help to them because they must be able to organise their service in the best conditions.

Customise tables

 To raise the atmosphere if you are numerous, do not hesitate to give a name to your tables according to the wedding theme (islands, flowers, movies, writers, animals). There is no lack of ideas to personalise your tables.

 Display names of tables with the table plan at the entrance of the room so that your guests can easily find their way around. Also, install a small placeholder on each table with the name of each guest. This will save a lot of time, and the service can start with peace of mind.

 Don’t forget to decorate your tables with your wedding theme and use a variety of wedding decorations: centrepieces, bouquets, balloons of all colours, chair covers, etc. To learn more about wedding table plan and how to organise other important events, you can get in touch with Summerfields Estate & Country House in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs.

8 Different Types of Stones to Choose From for Your Wedding Ring

More than just a wedding band, a ring represents the visible sign of a mutual commitment and marriage. This is why the ring must correspond to your liking since you’ll be wearing it every day. If you want to have a wedding ring with a design of your own, there are many more choices than just traditional diamonds. Here are some different types of stones that you may use to create a unique wedding ring if your price range allows it.


1) Amethyst

For your wedding ring to stand out, you can pick one with a purple stone. Moreover, if you like purple, this stone will be stunning on a wedding ring when well-cut. It is also very durable and less expensive than a diamond. You can choose to have the stone set with other colours for a truly distinctive look. For instance, if you fancy rose gold, amethyst is the ideal stone to set on a rose gold wedding band.


2) Turquoise

If you are looking for something more modern, the versatile and trendy turquoise ring can be an excellent choice. This stone comes in bright blue or a little lighter, with copper and aluminum reflections. Additionally, it is very stylish and can be found in many ethnic, gypsy and bohemian jewelry collections. What more could you ask for?

File:خاتم فيروز.png - Wikimedia Commons

3) Ruby

The ruby can be the ultimate choice when it comes to wedding rings. It is one of the few gemstones that will look as alluring as the first day you bought it, even several years from now. Similar to diamonds, this red beauty is also very durable. However, they can be more expensive than diamonds due to their high values, origin and colour.

7月の誕生石「ルビー」 | 大垣さし源 | 婚約指輪・結婚指輪【岐阜正規取扱店】

4) Citrines

One can easily see why citrine has emerged as a preferred choice for wedding rings. Citrine colours can range from light yellow and lemon to gold and even champagne brown. The famous “Madeira” citrines boast a rich orange colour with red highlights and are the priciest. Like amethyst, citrines are also very durable and make magnificent ring stones.

Аметист.Каплей вина он сверкает иль светлою розой блещет.... Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

5) Pearls

Pearls are making a strong comeback in contemporary wedding rings. Simple and elegant, they have become trendy, especially for those who prefer minimal designs. The myriad of choices available, including freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls, and cultured pearls, make it effortless to find a ring that matches your budget and style. With a little care, pearls can also last a lifetime. Remember that pearl necklace your grandmother left you?

Ring Perle Gold - Kostenloses Foto auf Pixabay

6) Opals

The names of the different types of precious opals evoke their beauty and grandeur: white or black, fire opal, harlequin, crystal, cat’s eye, pinfire, and many others. From shimmering eggshells hues to brilliant reds and blues, opals are available in nearly an infinite number of colours and have been leaving lovers mesmerized for centuries. Moreover, they can also be cut in various shapes, and none of them look alike!

HD wallpaper: silver-colored ring with green gemstone, chrysoprase, sterling | Wallpaper Flare

7) Peridot

The remarkable green of peridot is usually not appreciated by brides, but it makes a fantastic match complemented with diamonds and will look gorgeous on darker-skinned brides. To create a strikingly colourful engagement ring, combine peridot with ruby, sapphire, and citrine.

Tessa Round teal sapphire cluster ring – Capucinne

8) Topaz

This is another stone that exists in multiple colours, meaning that it will suit almost every bride. The colour fluctuations are due to “imperfections” in the stone, but as it is said, there’s beauty in imperfections! The lighter the topaz stone, the more colourless it will be, which signifies the topaz’s robust quality and natural state.

None Jewelry | Stunning Blue Mystic Topaz Ring 925 | Poshmark
If you’re having issues choosing your wedding ring, visit the team at Hofland Diamonds INC in Toronto. Their exquisite gems and diamonds, combined with unrivalled craftsmanship, will allow you to have wedding bands to your specifications and personal taste!

Indian Wedding Decor: Do’s and Don’ts

Planning a wedding ceremony can be stressful and eventful, but if you are planning an Indian wedding, then do get the help of a wedding planner. Indian weddings are big affairs where everyone is concerned, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone! From the bride’s mother’s sister’s nephew’s cousin to the groom’s dad’s cousin’s in-laws’ sister’s nephew. Well, that is no exaggeration, it’s just how it is even if the wedding does not take place in India. These weddings are galore of rich celebration that includes a lot of decoration, a plethora of flavorful dishes, and entertainment that is worth every second of this glam. Indian weddings do require that you take a week off from your routine to make sure that you do not miss any event. Weddings can be of different types and themes and also differs as per the cultural backgrounds. For example, in a Punjabi wedding, you can expect a lot of music and enjoyment, a Bengali wedding is more tradition focused while partying is still not ignored. Well, attending an Indian wedding should certainly be in your bucket-list. Here is a blog on the do’s and don’ts for Indian wedding decor.

The Do’s

  • Use flowers – As a decorator, you should know that Indian weddings and traditions require flowers as a mean of decorating everywhere. From the stage to the bedrooms, everyone expects to see different flowers hanging all around. Oh, if the theme of the wedding is floral, then do go haywire on the flowers and decorate everything, but please don’t overdo it! Remember, an Indian wedding is totally different from all other marriages. It is important that all flowers be fresh as it adds elegance and beauty to the wedding atmosphere.
  • Use eccentric decors – Go for unique Indian wedding decors to make the wedding look different. Plan for something that is not found anywhere else! Visualize and finalize everything with the to be wed couples as it’s their day. Eccentric decors should fit in the theme of the wedding such as you can have an ‘Indianized’ photo booth and a rangoli corner.
  • Go for bold colours – From drapes to dresses, adopt bright colours as it represents the sense of an Indian wedding except if the couple wants the wedding to be in neutral and warm colours. It is important to know that each color has a special significance, and the decorations are centered on that particular color or colours. Remember that everything from the wedding invitation to the table centerpieces should be colour-coordinated. When it comes to Hindu Indian weddings, red and gold are the most adored color as it represents a mixture of tradition and opulence as the bride’s attire is often red. However, there is also the trend of adopting pink, lavender, royal blue, and green coloured attires.
  • Have different setup for different ceremonies – The good thing about an Indian wedding is that you won’t be bored with the same look all every day. Loaded with a long list of rituals, the décor should certainly have a different setup that is according to the ceremony meant for the day. For example, the ‘Mehendi’ ceremony is totally different from the ‘sangeet’ ceremony, and the stages should be differently decorated.
  • Go according to the theme – Go with the theme decided by both the bride and groom! It is entirely on the decorator to ensure that whatever theme has been chosen should prove timeless for everyone. As a planner, you can try to keep the overall look of the venue sophisticated and chic so that the wedding does not look like a circus.
  • Use a lot of lights – As a decorator, you should totally focus on the lights as it plays a crucial part in how the wedding will look. Make use of small lanterns and soft lights along with marigold and mogra flowers. Do have a chandelier to make the wedding look grand and one of its kind. As most Indian weddings are celebrated at night, lights are very important. You can choose to have Indian jhumars or chandeliers to turn the event more chic.
  • Get the best caterer – Indian weddings are incomplete without the typical Indian delicacies. So be sure that you get the best caterer who can cater to your needs in the best possible way. A wedding planner is responsible for everything, from snacks to be served on the Haldi ceremony to the reception.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t make it look messy – It is essential that everything looks good, even great, but please don’t overdo it! It will ruin everything and make the wedding look like a show.
  • Do not copy – You can get inspired by celebs’ weddings but do not, at any cost, copy the same décor from their weddings.
  • Do not forget the idols of Gods and Goddesses. It is essential that every Indian wedding have these idols as it represents that Gods have come to the wedding to shower their blessings.
  • Don’t forget to have the wedding tray prepared along with turmeric, kumkum powder and the beetle nut and leaves. Also, the garlands for everyone from the groom side is essential as it is how guests are welcomed to an Indian wedding.

If you want to have your wedding planned and decorated by the best, then head to Xclusive Designs in Etobicoke, ON. As professional wedding decorators, they ensure that everything is up to your expectations from day one until the end. Contact them; they will be glad to help you out!