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Which Wedding Theme to Choose From?

Which Wedding Theme to Choose From?
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 – Which wedding theme to choose from?

 – The choice of colours

 – Decoration for a themed wedding


You have chosen a themed wedding to get off the beaten track; it’s original and less traditional. The theme will make this day all the more unforgettable and will amaze all your guests.

 Know that the most beautiful wedding is the one that looks like you, the one that is in your image; it will be in harmony with your couple.


Which wedding theme to choose from?

 Before choosing your wedding theme, be aware that there is no shortage of ideas. However, you will take several factors into account, such as:

 – Is it a big wedding or an intimate wedding?

 – Don’t neglect the season.

 – Take into account your budget.

 – Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?


Ideas for wedding themes

 It is currently very trendy to choose a theme for your wedding, and you are spoilt for choice: exotic, country, fairy tale, cinema, music, travel. The theme wedding offers a change of scenery and originality.

– For a summer wedding: it is easier to choose a wedding with a taste of the islands or a ceremony on a big boat.

– For a romantic wedding: Summerfields is the perfect venue for your dream wedding, with everything you need from the exquisite ceremony and photography backdrops to the wedding reception venue in one place. They have been hosting picture-perfect weddings and unique events of all kinds. The house’s style and elegance are typical of the Cape Cod-style architecture reminiscent of the East Coast of America. Set on beautiful grounds surrounded by a grove of 2,000 olive trees and an ornamental lake, Summerfields is encircled by beautiful semi-formal gardens and terrace and occupied by a family of resident geese.

– For a fairy tale wedding, you will opt for a castle with a horse-drawn carriage pulled by beautiful horses.

– For a movie wedding: music, movie credits, the cinema will be the main props.

 ◦ The tables can be named after movie actors,

 ◦ You will be able to hang film posters on the walls of the reception hall.


The choice of colours

 To remain in the extension and continuity, you will also have to define colours: 2 or even 3 maximum with a dominant colour.

 The colours you will have chosen can be “imposed” or with a small touch in the bride and groom’s outfits, the bridesmaids and children of honour or even the guests (tie, clutch, barrette) to remain in harmony with the theme of your wedding.


The dominant colours will set the tone of the wedding:

 – black and white, very trendy;

 – blue (different shades of blue) for the sea, the islands, the boats;

 – Pink for a romantic, traditional, retro note;

 – green for an ecological, natural wedding, it brings a spring or country spirit for an outdoor meal;

 – red for a passionate wedding.


Decoration for a themed wedding

 You will also accessorise your themed wedding by adding a personal touch to your decoration for the reception hall, tables, car and other decorations related to the celebration of your wedding.

 Therefore, the decoration will be based on the wedding theme that you will have defined as well as the colours.


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Hope this post would have helped you decide which wedding theme to choose. Don’t forget to share and comment on your experience below.

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