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Top 7 Ideas To Promote Your Content

Top 7 Ideas To Promote Your Content
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You have recently set up a corporate blog where you have published valuable content for your target audience. However, when you look at your statistics, you notice that the visitors are not coming. You are disappointed because you have invested a lot of time and effort. You had even thought of inserting sharing buttons to your articles on social networks to allow visitors to spread them on their accounts.

So how do you increase the visibility of your articles? What is the secret applied by many bloggers that you don’t do? It’s simple. They’ve figured out the importance of promoting their content in different places on social media. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know to promote your content.

1. Post in targeted groups


On Google+, Facebook and Linkedin, you have the opportunity to join groups and communities that bring together your target audience. Share and create discussions around your articles while taking care to personalize the title of your publications. Also, respond to those who leave comments. It’s always appreciated. More than 3 billion people are active on social networks, so it is essential to develop your presence there.

Maybe you already have… But is your communication effective? In your content marketing strategy, try to focus your content promotion on a particular social network: the one that is the most used by your target. It can be Instagram if you target a young audience, LinkedIn if your target is professional, or Pinterest if you want to communicate with “artists”.

Video can be part of your content marketing strategy. Of course, don’t neglect the other social networks. If you focus your communication efforts on one platform, create an account on other relevant social networks depending on your audience and your industry. All you have to do is share your content during the hours when your target is most active.

2. Get the attention of the people and companies you mention

If you quote companies or people in an article, think about identifying them on social networks. This technique will allow you to attract their attention. It will also increase their chances of sharing your article on their accounts. You can also send them an email with a link to your article, mentioning that you were inspired by something they had previously published or an action they had recently taken.

3. Identify ambassadors


Many of your employees, collaborators, or key partners are active on social media. By asking them to participate in promoting your content, you can reach a larger number of Internet users. But be strategic. Make sure they post articles they like based on their expertise. Don’t forget to point out that they will increase their credibility in their respective fields by doing so. As for key partners, sharing your articles could be a specific agreement.

4. Take advantage of your website’s key pages

The most visited pages of your website should not be neglected. The home page can display your most recent articles as well as the most popular ones. Your product and service pages are a great way to give your visitors a deeper understanding of your expertise. Consider adding additional information from your blog. If you have one, the footer and right-hand column are also strategic places to put featured text.

5. Use the power of email


The newsletter is an excellent communication tool. Suggest to your website visitors that they subscribe to your newsletter to be informed of new articles or exclusive content, and at the same time, insert complementary links from your blog. The signature of your email can contain the title and the link to a popular article.

6. Recommend complementary articles

Finally, you can also suggest articles to your readers that will allow them to deepen their current reading. They can be integrated into the right column of your blog or added directly after a paragraph. Just like at the very end with the mention “Read also.”

7. Create personalized landing pages


Your content may not be as relevant to all your visitors: they have different needs and may be at different stages of the buying tunnel. For example, content developed specifically to improve your brand awareness will have little impact on people who have already made a purchase or used your services. So start by segmenting your target audience according to the characteristics, problems, and needs of your buyer’s personas. You can then create landing pages by targeting specific keywords.

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