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5 Things To Consider When Making Your Wedding Invites

5 Things To Consider When Making Your Wedding Invites
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Everyone wants their wedding to be exceptional, and that often means coming up with creative ideas to express your personality or include your guests in the festivities in unique ways. Intimate or small group weddings are increasingly customized to fit the style and personality of the couple. Look for a wedding planning service that will make your dreams a reality and bring your vision to life.

Whether it’s custom printed invitations, bunting, guest books or other must-have keepsakes, there are plenty of ways to personalize your wedding with print- before, during and after the big day. So, without further ado, let’s dive further into this blog and learn about some of the things that can change your wedding invitation game.

1. Addresses


Include a small card in your pocketfold invitation or at least a space on your invitation to list the addresses of the ceremony and reception locations if they’re different and the transportation available to guests if you’ve decided to rent a bus, for example. Do not hesitate to include a small map if you deem it necessary, as well as GPS coordinates and the program of festivities.

2. Accommodation

If many guests are coming from far away, it might be useful to provide them with some information about the nearest hotels where they can book a room for the night. You can also select one to negotiate a better group rate.

If this information is already on your wedding website, and to make the invitations simpler and more economical, you can simply include the website address for your guests to refer to for practical details such as maps and accommodations.

3. The announcement envelope


The envelope should include the name and address of the recipient and your own, preferably handwritten for a classic yet personalized result. Do not choose it too thin, because transparent, nor too thick, not to have to spend more money on the sending.

4. The reply coupon

It allows getting the guests’ answers on paper (provided that they think of sending it!). The easiest way is to present it as a checkbox so that they can indicate if they will be present or absent for the whole festivities or only for the ceremony and the wine of honor.

You can also leave a space so that your guests can express themselves if they have, for example, specific diets to indicate to you, and if they intend to come accompanied and with their children, in order to plan the adequate number of menus. In any case, remember to write down a deadline, about 1 month before the D-day.

5. The reply coupon envelope


If you include a reply coupon in your invitation, you can push the envelope a little further and include an envelope, possibly stamped: your guests will only have to fill in the coupon and send it to the post office, a detail that could influence the speed with which you will get the answers from your guests.

One way to save money is to design your reply coupon on a postcard to be sent without an envelope. If you don’t plan to include a reply coupon with your invitation, don’t forget to specify how you want your guests to reply: by mail, by email, on your wedding website if you have one, or by phone… think about the easiest way to count the number of guests present in relation to the total number of guests.

Advice from a veteran

To design a successful wedding invitation, it is important to take into account your own desires. This is your day, and it is essential that your image and your wedding invitation are a great way to express yourself. Nowadays, everything is possible. The choice of formats is infinite; the colors can be very varied, and the typography can perfectly match your theme.

If you wish to design high-quality and professional wedding invitations, professional graphic designers are at your disposal. Sharp and exquisite visuals can be proposed to you to announce the most beautiful day of your life to your family and friends.

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