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Top 3 Best Accessories For Smokers

Top 3 Best Accessories For Smokers
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I am a social smoker, and I can admit that, but there are certain accessories that every real smoker, regular or occasional, must have. Smoking weed, of course, if it is legal, is one of life’s greatest pleasures; it not only calms you down but also has medicinal properties that have been confirmed by science and numerous studies.

Marijuana has been proven to improve morale and social experience, stimulate creativity and brighten the world around you. Now, we’re not glorifying legal cannabis, and everyone has their own experience with it; whether you think it’s the devil’s lettuce or see it as a sticky green goddess-like I do, here are the accessories you should have a stoner.

1. Lighter


This is a smoking essential, whether you smoke cigarettes or weed. Carrying a lighter with you is something that everyone can do, and it is very handy, and you can carry it almost everywhere. I always carry a butane lighter on my person at all times, even if I’m just a social smoker.

Having a lighter with you means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for one when you want to smoke a blunt. Get a lighter that you know will work and won’t run out on you quickly. We always advise people to invest in a good lighter, and you will be golden.

The problem with cheap lighters is that they break right when you need them most, and that would be my thirteenth reason for having a bad day already. When it comes to cheap lighters, you pay for what you get, and they break just as easily as they run out of gas. The advantages of butane lighters:

    • A better flame and the size of the flame are often adjustable.
    • A cleaner fuel
    • A hotter flame, which is also adjustable depending on the model.
    • Reliable
    • Reusable and refillable
    • Elegant and customizable

2. Rolling paper


As a smoker, this is essential that we believe that everyone should have in a smoking kit. Everyone will go through a joint-rolling phase at some point or the other and will be obsessed with it. Every stoner will learn how to roll a joint at least once, and they will most likely do it badly the first time around.

Once you get the gist of it, rolling a joint is relatively easy, and this is why you need to acquire rolling paper to be able to roll a joint or spliff. You need to be aware that the consistency of rolling paper can have a big influence on your smoking experience.

Don’t skimp on rolling paper, as cheap paper can have a negative effect on the flavor of the joint. Hemp paper is an excellent alternative, but we recommend ice paper as it is the paper that burns slower and cleaner. It is our go-to and before you even dare to think of wood paper, just don’t.

3. Rolling tray


Rolling a joint is a whole process, and it takes practice to get good at it; practice makes perfect in this case. Rolling joints is one of the most therapeutic aspects of smoking and is the time when you can sit back, listen to your favorite song and let your hands do the work.

A rolling tray can make the whole process a lot smoother, and any little cannabis chunks that want to escape will end up in the tray, saving you weed and preventing your pets from ingesting it. Remember that cannabis is harmful to your pets. The rolling tray acts as a catchall and catches all the cannabis crumbs.

You can also leave any unstable crumbs or residue on the tray and throw it directly into the trash can. A rolling tray will make your life easier and is perfect for beginners as it will make rolling easier, and you won’t waste as much weed and make smoking the highlight of your day, pun intended!

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