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4 New Developments In Digital Marketing In 2022

4 New Developments In Digital Marketing In 2022
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Marketing as we know it now has changed over the last 10 years, and part of this is because of the advent of technology and social media. And there is no sign that this is slowing down any time soon, which is why marketers are constantly adapting to new technologies.

Over the past 2 years or so, the digital marketing arena as we know it has changed drastically. To gain new leads, marketers rely on social media, paid advertising, SEO, content marketing, or even email marketing. So, without further ado, let’s dive further into this blog and learn about some of the new developments in digital marketing.

1. Artificial Intelligence


AI holds exceptional future opportunities in digital marketing, and many organizations are already trying to implement it. Companies like Pizza hut, Uber, Microsoft, and so many others are already using AI to automate various activities. In contrast, others are already dependent on the cutting-edge features of artificial intelligence, and others are slowly starting to implement it in their digital marketing efforts.

Gartner Analysis conducted a study and found that in 2020, AI technologies have and will be pervasive in almost every new software company. It is also one of the most significant commercial opportunities for companies out there and can even increase their global GDP by 14% in the next 10 years.

Companies that don’t adapt to this new technology fast will be at a severe disadvantage within the next few years. Artificial technology is so great because it examines and analyses search patterns and consumer behavior and even utilizes data from blogging platforms and social media to better assist businesses.

2. Video Marketing

This is one of the most essential marketing trends currently, and more and more companies are looking into it to brand themselves further and for visibility purposes. WYZOWL found that 83% of marketers believe that videos give them a better return on investment, and anyone in the business will tell you that this is something we all actively strive for.

52% of consumers state that watching product videos is one of the main reasons why they made online purchases. If you think that the video market stops at YouTube, then you would be wrong, my friend. Video and digital marketing have moved beyond YouTube, and marketers now even use Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram for video marketing.

3. Chatbot


This is the perfect example of what AI can be in practice. Chatbots are almost like automated virtual assistants that use instant messaging to chat in real-time with customers. They are a piece of technology that will help you out with customer satisfaction and offer outstanding services. They are also there 24/7 and provide fast answers to customers in need.

More recently, Mastercard has forayed into this world and created a Facebook Messenger bot. This was done with the help of natural language processing software, and they can decipher what a customer wants and responds to them accordingly. Chatbots have become an essential part of digital marketing, and Innovative Enterprise goes even further and states that chatbots will power 85% of customer service by 2020. According to IBM, businesses can save up to 8 billion dollars per year thanks to the help of chatbots by 2022.

4. Video search and smart speakers

According to Start Engine Land, around there are around 1 billion voice searches per month, and this number is still growing. ComScore builds upon this and states that 50% of all searches are now done by voice by 2020. OC&C Strategy Consultants believe that by 2022, voice shopping is going to surge from 2 billion to 40 billion dollars, and this is not a surprise why more and more organizations are rethinking their digital marketing strategies.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is smarter than it has ever been and thus has led to a decrease made by popular voice assistants like Google, Alexa, or even Siri. Digital Marketing Institute believes that companies will become more profitable in the long run by adopting the voice search strategy. Uniqueness is the name of the game in 2022, especially when it comes to innovation in digital marketing strategies. This strengthens and nurtures relationships and brand loyalty.

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