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How to Create Your Business Signage

How to Create Your Business Signage
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How to Create Your Business Signage

Your sign is of vital importance to your business. This is why its manufacture is a decisive stage, which must be entrusted to professionals to ensure the quality and respect of your sign project. Sign making: by whom? After validating your project, several stages are necessary to manufacture your sign.

For the manufacture of your sign, you can call on professionals specialised in the study, design, manufacture and installation of signs, such as advertising companies and sign designers.

The stages of sign making

Several manufacturing steps are necessary, from the raw material to the realisation of your sign. Below we give you a short description of the steps.

1. Digital cutting

When your project is validated, the manufacture of your sign is launched by a numerically controlled machine. This machine cuts out the manufacturing materials (PVC, Plexiglas, aluminium, etc.).

2. Plastic processing

Plastic processing is a necessary step in the manufacturing process if your sign is a letter box sign or if it is made up of a lightbox. The materials are shaped to give them the shapes and curves you have chosen.

3. Painting

This stage is essential for sanding and treating the materials before painting your signs.

4. Metalwork

Aluminium is used to manufacture the metal supports and frames of your sign. This stage consists of folding, shaping and welding.

5. The glassblower

A neon sign requires the glass blower to give the sign its shape.

6. Digital printing

This is a valuable step for signs made of digital visuals, such as canvas printing.

Entrusting the creation of your sign to a professional

Business Signage

A pro can accompany you throughout your signage project with his or her skills in outdoor advertising and signage. Have you heard of AUS LED & Neon Wholesalers? They have qualified professionals to optimise your brand image by proposing appropriate advertising solutions. They are responsible for creating:

    – the sign relating to your activity;

    – your company’s signage;

    – in compliance with commercial standards, manufacturing techniques and legislation in force.

Actions carried out for custom-made neon signs

The signmaker may be required to design all or part of your custom-made neon sign. They generally rely on a team made up of all the skills needed for the creation of your sign.

They are responsible for your commercial development, carrying out your first advertising through visual signage to your customers and prospects.

Through their imagination and creativity, they create and respect your commercial sector’s existing architecture and urban planning.

Why call on the services of a professional?

Many advertisers call on a sign designer for the creation of their signs because there are many advantages to entrusting all or part of their design to a sign designer:

    – A pro will accompany you and help you with your signage project.

    – He can offer you a sign adapted to your image that will respect the restrictive legal standards in this field.

    – He is the certainty that your sign will be reliable.

    – He knows the safety standards to be respected and studies the environment of his installation.

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Hope this post has helped you understand the steps in making the sign and see more clearly why you should contact a professional. Please, remember to leave your comments below.

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