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5 Things You Need To Know To Shoot a Successfully Corporate Video

5 Things You Need To Know To Shoot a Successfully Corporate Video
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Corporate videos hold an important position in the marketing of a company. You can apply several tricks to promote a good conversion of your audience. Once you have used the right principles, you can be assured of good results.

1. Make the most of the time


The format of the video ad cannot be too long, especially because of a restriction caused by costs. A short format also allows you to quickly convey the essentials to the audience without them having to stay long. In your Corporate Film creation, you must therefore understand this principle as well as possible and take advantage of it. In particular, you have to elaborate your frame according to the duration that can be allocated to it.

It is not a question of making a functional advertisement that simply indicates the details of your company and its offer. Instead, it is going to be better to make a video that can be interesting and memorable for your audience, and since you don’t have all the time in the world, it is necessary to prioritize the elements that you want to include in your video. In this, it is going to be a question of making a sorting that is most elaborate.

2. Follow The Principle Of Storytelling

Even if you are given a very short duration, you must be able to do storytelling. Telling a good story in such a short time is not so easy, but if you know the right structure for it, you won’t have so much difficulty. The main elements of storytelling are the following:

    • The introduction of the character
    • The appearance of a plot
    • The beginning and development of an adventure
    • The resolution of the initial plot

To create a good video, you need to include all these elements. To get an idea of how to do this well, don’t hesitate to look at other videos you can find on the web. If you take each spot and dissect them, you may notice that these elements are indeed always present. Watching as many videos as possible to familiarize yourself with the concept of storytelling is a form of learning; you will then be better able to create your own short story.

3. Generate empathy with your audience


One of the key things that corporate video production agencies look to do first is to create situations or characters that the audience can relate to. If they have no attachment to the people presented in the video or the situation, they are not going to continue watching it, and this can be achieved by doing a survey regarding the type of people you want to appeal to through your ad.

So you need to do good profiling of the type of person you want to reach with your video campaign; this is basically the people your product was designed for. The parameters to consider can be varied, such as age, gender, interests, and many others. Once you understand your audience, you will be better able to make them relate to your video, and it will also be much more relevant to the person.

4. Seek To Create Emotions

For your video to be really effective, it must be able to create emotions in the person who watches it. This can be of various kinds, and it is up to you to choose the right emotion to create through your video content. It is much easier to create an emotion in your audience once empathy has been established. So you need to proceed in order when it comes to empathy and emotion generation.

Among the elements that can help you create specific emotions is the use of a specific type of music. If you choose it right, you will easily feel what you want your audience to feel; moreover, the story’s details are also good ways to create given emotions in the person watching the video. Here, it is a matter of fine-tuning it until you achieve a result that is satisfactory.

5. Understand the principle of the sales tunnel


This is a principle that is widely used in marketing because it is very practical. The sales tunnel implies that the number of people who will go from one step to the next until a purchase is made will decrease in number. Also, the more steps you have to take before a sale is made, the fewer people you will have at the end.

You can apply this principle to your video as well as to the goal of the video. For example, you can invite people to click on your website link at the end of the video. Or you can invite them to subscribe to your mailing list to receive frequent offers related to your service. The path you take depends greatly on what you want to achieve. Creating a good video with the right tips will always be the most suitable way to achieve results that are greatly satisfying.

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