Top 5 Differences Between OnlyFans Vs. Just For Fans

Top 5 Differences Between OnlyFans Vs. Just For Fans
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On the Internet, two heavyweights continue to fight for supremacy in content creation. However, they are two of the main platforms that allow adult content. OnlyFans is becoming increasingly popular, as is its competitor Just For Fans. Who would win if you put the two together in a cage match? We’ll make comparisons based on their differences in six different aspects. From there, you can decide which one is better for you.

The two platforms differ in that they are ideal for content creators who are adult models, adult film stars, cam girls, etc. The fact is that there are obvious differences between the two. If you are considering using either of these platforms to achieve success, keep reading so you can make an informed and educated decision. Let’s start this battle of the century between OnlyFans vs. Just For Fans!

1. Payout percentage for content creators


Content creators on both platforms can get paid based on the amount of money they will earn from subscriptions, tips, and more. The difference is the percentage. Ten percent can mean a lot when you get paid on either platform.

The choice is clear if you have a choice between keeping 70% of your money and 80%. On OnlyFans, you keep 80%. OnlyFans take 20% to make money. Hey, someone has to support the site, right? Just For Fans only gets 10%. But you still get a respectable percentage.

2. Traffic and being found

If there’s one way to get traffic to your page, it’s to promote it. OnlyFans and Just For Fans pages won’t always be discovered on their own. Not to mention that they have a basic search function that doesn’t do much. With OnlyFans, you may be able to promote your content or provide a free preview as a way to get some exposure on the site.

However, you will still need to promote outside of the site using social media. Besides, the more you have on social media, the better. You can get traffic simply by providing an affiliate link with Just For Fans. This includes sales they can generate off their page.

And they can earn extra on Just For Fans once a sale is made. Not bad at all. But you’ll still have to promote your page to earn more (and increase your fan base at the same time). On OnlyFans, there are no affiliate links… but you can still make money just from the content and tips. At the end of the day, there’s really no clear winner here in terms of traffic and organic discovery.

3. What content creators can do


Halfway through the battle, this is where things get interesting. Long story short, there are things that OnlyFans offers that Just For Fans does not (and vice versa). What exactly do these platforms offer and not offer? Looking at the chart, you might think that Just For Fans has a bit of an edge over OnlyFans on some things. While this is true, there may be workarounds on OnlyFans. For example, you can always offer something personalized on OnlyFans.

More to the point, you can always offer something personalized. The only difference is that it doesn’t have to be a physical object. It can be a personalized video to that person who is one of your fans or subscribers. Even though personalized items are not yet supported by OnlyFans, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer something more personal. While you can’t send text messages on OnlyFans, you can send a messages (while earning extra money in the process).

So that’s a plus, considering that text messages can cost you a lot depending on your mobile plan. So the fact that OnlyFans isn’t able to offer the ability to send text messages could be a plus rather than a minus. Even though Just For Fans offers a bit more than OnlyFans, we will give preference to the latter. The reason is that there are workarounds that can still make your experience on the platform more positive. Oh…and why sell your content individually when you can bundle it with others and make extra money?

4. Affiliates and referrals

Both sites offer affiliate and referral programs. You earn money simply by getting someone to sign up for an account. Affiliate links are useful when someone buys an item through your link, and you earn a percentage of the sale. There is not really a difference in terms of percentage of revenue (which is 5%). However, there are a few differences between the two.

OnlyFans has a creator referral program that anyone can use (especially those who create content on the platform). However, Just For Fans has a referral and affiliate program that is considered “semi-exclusive” to those on the platform. It’s not clear what kind of criteria must be met to be part of it. Simply put, OnlyFans has the advantage here, as their program is much more open to interested parties.

5. Public appeal

Finally, let’s look at how both platforms appear to a certain audience. OnlyFans tends to lean towards female content creators (and their fans are mostly male). However, Just For Fans is sort of the opposite. Just For Fans seems to have more appeal to a gay male audience since most of the content creators are male models, gay adult stars and models, etc.

However, both platforms are open to all genders and orientations. Even on OnlyFans, male content creators can have a page even if their audience is gay men. If you’re a male content creator, it’s important to consider your audience before choosing a platform. But in the battle of audience appeal, we’d say it’s a draw.

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