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How Social Media and the Internet can Contribute to Your Butcher Shop’s Success

How Social Media and the Internet can Contribute to Your Butcher Shop’s Success
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There are many advantages that a local butcher shop has over their larger grocery store competition, but one area where they continue to lag behind is in the marketing sphere. After all, no sane person would choose to forgo the personal service, hand-trimmed meat cut to order if they were given a choice, but the unfortunate fact is that some people don’t even know if they have a local butcher’s shop, or where it is. However, most people know where their local supermarket it, and how to get there to pick up their lesser quality, mass-marketed cuts of meat.

If you’re running a butcher’s shop, and you feel ready to take the next step, read on to find out how you can turn your personal connections with your suppliers as well as your higher quality and better-tasting meats, and turn them into ‘beefier’ selling points with the right approach to advertising.

In this day and age, almost all businesses have some sort of online presence, whether it be through a website, Facebook page, Twitter account or, in more forward-thinking cases, Discord server. Adopting these platforms for your own butcher shop will allow you to promote your products, share news and special events and also interact, inform and engage with your customers and the local community. By demonstrating your extensive knowledge and excellent customer service skills through regular blog posts offering tips and recipes, in addition to interacting with the wider community by getting involved and giving gift certificates as prizes at local events and sharing community news, you will build awareness in the minds of your target audience – and likely see a rapid rise in the number of customers you have. This can also funnel back to your online presence as everyday visitors flock to share content, express their opinions and experiences, and post photos on your social media pages.

Let’s now look at the 3 major social media platforms that you can use to increase your brand image, and what each platform is great at, starting with


With over a billion daily active users, there’s a high chance that many of your clients are already on there, so you have a good chance of quickly building an audience. Facebook is known for being compatible with almost any type of multimedia content meaning you can post videos, photos, and links to external content, allowing it to enhance and support your other online marketing efforts such as blog posts.


Looking to create an instant buzz? Why not use the many hashtags that Twitter has at its disposal to set up a real-time public information network that gives your business greater exposure in web search results and makes it easy to build a community of potential customers who are there to discover and share interesting content. Twitter Hashtags categorize topics and discussions so users can quickly and easily connect with businesses and individuals with a common interest. Additionally, they can be used as keywords to help easily find and connect with your target audience. Examples include #NationalHamburgerDay (May 28th), #NationalButchersWeek (13-19 March) and generic hashtags such as #ShopLocal.


Where blogging can really shine for a local butcher’s shop is by in improving search engine rankings and boosting industry perception placing you as an authority in your sector. By regularly updating your corporate blog with valuable, interesting, engaging and relevant analysis and comment, it shows that you have a deep interest in your sector and are more informed than the average participant; giving potential clients a compelling reason to choose you over competitors.

With Deliver by Linkeo, you can benefit from expert advice on how to capitalize on all the online tools at your disposal, as well as create an online shopfront for your business. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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