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6 Types of eCommerce Videos You Need in your Marketing Strategy

6 Types of eCommerce Videos You Need in your Marketing Strategy
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Hello everyone and welcome back to our series on boosting your e-commerce platform through video marketing. In our previous entry, we looked at the reasons why video marketing is such an effective tool to boost sales for budding and established e-commerces. In this article, we’ve teamed with the experts at Linkeo Ltd to determine some of the best types of videos to use. Let’s dive right in:

The Close Up

Buyers want to see videos of your product that make them feel as if they are holding it themselves. Product close-up videos zoom in on your product and display specific features viewers may not see in pictures, or demonstrate a function that has to be observed very closely, or simply show off your product from multiple angles.

eCommerce product videos leave nothing to the imagination. You should try to capture as much detail as possible so customers will have a clear understanding of what they’re buying. These type of videos are also perfect to have on specific product pages which can help increase conversions.

The Overview

A product overview video goes in-depth into the features and benefits of your product. This type of video usually features a speaker demonstrating how the product works and why your audience should consider buying it.

This can also help build excitement for your product, especially when leading up to a product launch date. It may seem like a simple product demo, but the information shared and the trust these types of product videos build can be very powerful. Again, these videos are perfect to place on your product pages to build trust and keep users engaged on your website.

This is the perfect type of eCommerce product video if your product is something your customer is likely to manipulate a lot, and if your product could be classed as a significant investment. Products like cameras and drones are perfectly suited to this. You’ll want your speaker to describe as many of the top features of your product as possible, how the product as a whole differs from previous versions (or from your competitors) and why your clients will want to buy the product.

Video Testimonials

Social proof and the FOMO phenomenon are some of the most powerful and persuasive motivators to get people to buy your product, and it’s essential to include these in your eCommerce marketing strategy.

A recent survey of more than 28,000 people in 56 countries found that 92% of consumers around the world trust recommendations from friends and family above ALL other forms of advertising, which represents an increase of 18% since 2007. Another survey found that buyers prefer to read an average of 40 online reviews before believing a business’s star-rating.

This is why genuine video testimonials are such a powerful tool. The goal is to have your customers describe specifically what they like about the product, how it helped them, and how it improved their life or solved their problem. These eCommerce product videos are one of the best forms of social proof which is widely accepted to increase conversions

Product Tutorial

While the product overview shows off the features and benefits of a product in broad strokes, a product tutorial video demonstrates how a customer can perform specific tasks using the product through step-by-step instructions.

These types of videos are super important for skeptical buyers who are wary of being disappointed by big marketing claims. Showing them how to achieve a particular goal with your product is a powerful way to convince them to buy it.

The other reason product tutorials are a crucial piece of any eCommerce video marketing strategy is because you want your customers to succeed when using your product.

If they buy it but don’t know how to use it, or use it poorly, they won’t remain your customer for long. But if you set them up for success with easy-to-follow product tutorials, they’re much more likely to stick around.

Message from the Founder/CEO

A message from the Founder of the CEO video is not used by many companies, but when executed well, it can be a powerful tool to add to your eCommerce video marketing strategy.

Featuring your company leader in a video is one of the best ways to personalize a brand and develop a deep connection with your audience and customers. A study conducted a few years ago revealed that ads featuring CEOs performed better, on average, than ads without a CEO.

There are many ways to make a message from the CEO video. In fact, you could produce the other videos on this list, but instead of an actor or other associate in your company, your CEO is in the video. The only requirement is that your CEO is good on camera, authentic, and charismatic. If they check those boxes, then you should definitely produce this type of video content.

Explainer Video

Explainer product videos are very popular and widely used to explain your product in a short period of time. They usually tell a story about a customer’s journey from dealing with their problem, finding your product as the solution, and achieving outstanding results with the product.

Many explainer videos are animated but they can also be live-action. They’re usually 30-seconds to a minute in length. These videos don’t necessarily show off all the features of your product but hit on the emotional reasons why your customer needs a product like yours and shows the outcome of having your product.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the information in these articles. Our next and final instalment will cover the ways you can incorporate video into your e-commerce platform. In the meantime, why not contact Linkeo Ltd and inquire about their fantastic Deliver by Linkeo platform, where video marketing tools are integrated as part of the package.

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