Fireplace Accessories to Jazz Up Your Hearth

Fireplace Accessories to Jazz Up Your Hearth
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Fireplace Accessories to Jazz Up Your Hearth


    – Fireplace accessories: starting and maintaining a fire

    – Fireplace protection accessories

    – Fireplace accessories: cleaning

    – Fireplace accessories for storage

    – Accessories for gas or bio-ethanol fireplaces

    – And a fireplace accessory for your safety?

There are many fireplace accessories, mainly used for wood-burning fireplaces. Some are indispensable, and others are useful.

Fireplace accessories: lighting and maintaining a fire

Many fireplace accessories make it easier to start a fire and maintain it once it has been created.

    – The firelighters allow starting a fire quickly. They come in a variety of sizes:

        ◦ cube, stick, or pebble petroleum or chemical-based fire starter;

        ◦ ecological firelighters based on wood wool, wax …

    – Andirons, sold in pairs, help support the logs and thus prevent the fire from being smothered. Count between $30 and $60 according to the size and the design.

    – The mantel server includes various useful fireplace accessories to maintain your fire, the main ones being:

        ◦ a clamp for moving logs;

        ◦ a poker to fan the fire;

        ◦ a bellows (an essential accessory) to revive the fire;

        ◦ a shovel and a brush to collect ashes;

        ◦ between $25 and $400 for the set, depending on the material, design, brand, etc.

Starting a fireplace can also be very simple, provided, of course, that you have dry wood:


    – Cleverly stack crumpled newspaper, then kindling and pine cones in a triangle.

    – Place some medium-sized branches on top.

    – Crack the match in the middle.

    – Wait until the fire has started before placing larger branches on top.

And don’t forget to keep the bark of your logs; they are excellent natural fire starters!

Fireplace protection accessory

An open fireplace requires a fire screen to protect your floor (and carpet!) from sparks, but more importantly, to protect yourself from fire hazards. It also helps keep children away from the fireplace. Make sure it’s stable. This fireplace accessory can be found at all prices, from about $20 to $300, depending on the material (metal, glass, etc.), design, brand, etc.

Fireplace accessories: cleaning

On the maintenance side, there are fireplace accessories to remove ashes. You can choose between:

    – A shovel and a brush, available on your fireplace server or sold separately. Some come with a metal bucket.

    – An ash vacuum, a handy and quick fireplace accessory that will keep your home vacuum cleaner from clogging up. 

    – Some fireplaces come with an ash pan that makes cleanup easier. Expect to pay between $20 and $80. Drop the ashes into the drawer and dispose of the contents in the garden.

Tip: Did you know that your ashes can be used as fertilizer for your plants?

Fireplace accessory for storage

The log basket is a fireplace accessory that allows you to carry and keep logs close to the fireplace. It is available in a carrying or rolling version. Different materials are available: wicker, burlap, glass, and stainless steel.

The price of this fireplace accessory varies according to the model:

    – from $20 for a simple wicker basket;

    – from about $40 for a basket with wheels;

    – up to $150 for glass or stainless steel design models.

Accessories for gas or bio-ethanol fireplaces


Accessories can also surround gas or bio-ethanol fireplaces:

    – To create the illusion of a wood fire, there are decorative pebbles or logs specially designed to withstand high temperatures.

    – A fire screen can also nicely decorate your open fireplace, regardless of the fuel.

    – An electric pump (battery operated) can be handy to facilitate filling your bioethanol fireplace tank. It costs about $20.

What about a fireplace accessory for your safety?

In the case of a gas fireplace, equip yourself with a carbon monoxide detector to avoid intoxication. This device costs between $20 and $40 but is essential for your safety.

This device must adhere to the safety standard, which ensures that safety requirements will be followed, such as the alarm going off before the airborne carbon monoxide concentration reaches a critical level.

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