Top 3 Things To Know About Braces

Top 3 Things To Know About Braces
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In adults, orthodontics can contribute to improving the aesthetics of the smile, prosthetic achievement, rehabilitating functional occlusion, or ensuring the durability of the dental system. Braces can be worn at any age. Promising a new smile, a new face, and a better quality of life, they allow a wide range of orthodontic corrections from the simplest to the most complex. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about braces.

1. Classic braces


The multi-attachment vestibular concept consists of placing braces on the outside of the teeth and connecting them with a wire, the dental arch, which exerts a slight pressure on the teeth and thus allows their movement to be guided. The wire will be attached to the braces with ligatures. Depending on the case, the experienced orthodontic practitioner may also choose to place elastics to correct the positioning of the jaws or to accelerate the movement of the teeth.

The appliance will be adjusted regularly by progressively tightening the arches. This will be done during initially scheduled visits. Adherence to the schedule will be crucial to the success of the treatment. In addition, due to natural changes in the mouth, the appliance may become more mobile over time and require relining, which consists of readjusting the appliance to the gum by adding resin underneath its base without removing it.

2. The latest trends in dental braces

More discretion: The cliché of the metallic smile once systematically associated with braces is no longer the case today with innovations that tend to satisfy the expectations of a more image-conscious clientele. Conventional braces have also changed and are now more aesthetically pleasing and more discreet in shape and size, and color.

A patient who wants a more discreet conventional appliance can opt for either ceramic braces that are the same color as the teeth or transparent resin braces. However, the latter requires more care as they tend to yellow over time (avoid coloring foods: coffee, wine, etc.). Similarly, hard foods should be avoided for ceramic braces, which are more fragile than metal ones.

Ceramic braces are often combined with metal braces, which are more rigid and stronger, and are placed on the teeth that are not visible, particularly those at the back, so that the teeth can be tightened more effectively. You can also opt for a mixed appliance, i.e., ceramic on the upper teeth and metal on the lower ones. This alternative will allow you to reduce the extra costs.

More comfort: More discreet but also more comfortable. Today’s braces are smaller and lighter. They are designed to minimize friction and create less discomfort for the patient. This is particularly true of new concepts such as self-ligating braces, which also make it easier and faster to move teeth. Some brands even offer custom-made braces using digital modeling.

3. What are the advantages of vestibular multi-attachment appliances?


Classic multi-attachment braces are still the reference in orthodontics as they allow for optimal positioning of the teeth. Indeed, this technique, which offers an anchor on each tooth, allows not only to move it in a very precise way but also to reorient it in all directions. It thus offers optimal performance and versatility compared to other methods (lingual or aligners) whose applications will be more or less restricted.

Another important advantage is that it is less expensive than lingual or removable techniques. Knowing in particular that the extra costs linked to aesthetic braces (resins and ceramics) are not very high, these alternatives prove to be a good compromise by allowing you to benefit from a more discreet treatment at a more affordable price.

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