Top 5 Things To Know About Glass Railings

Top 5 Things To Know About Glass Railings
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Glass railings add a contemporary look to your home. These safety gates are suitable for any style of decor, whether it’s indoors or outdoors (the deck, balcony, stairs, or patio). They are a good choice for homeowners who want to ensure the safety of their children and pets.

Otherwise known as “invisible railings,” glass railings allow an open view from the terrace and maximum surveillance over the toddlers when they play. In addition to these benefits, find out 5 things you can do right now about glass railings. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about the subject at hand.

1. Recommended by current safety standards, glass railing


The idea of using glass as a safety barrier may not seem reassuring because of its fragile appearance. However, paradoxically, the glass panels used for glass railings comply with safety regulations. Any homeowner wishing to install glass railings should be aware that legislation requires the use of laminated glass.

For a fall-proof installation, tempered glass panels are permitted. If the installation of your railings will take place in a place that presents more than 1 m of risk height, laminated glass panels with a minimum thickness of 8.76 mm will be more appropriate.

2. Safe and durable glass railing

Glass railings are, above all, safety devices that minimize the risk of accidents in a hazardous area. Glass railings are no exception to this rule; in contrast to their sleek and fragile appearance, the glass panels that make up the railing have greater toughness and longevity than other railing materials.

The glass that makes up the glass railings has undergone a special treatment that gives it excellent durability. The glass surface is more tolerant of extreme temperatures and can withstand freezing, thawing, and high temperatures. Glazed glass panels can withstand impacts without worry because of their resistance to surface cracks; they rarely break.

3. Versatile and customizable


Glass railings are suitable for any type of home architecture, any style of interior design; these safety barriers are an integral part of your decor. Glass can be combined with all interior and exterior cladding materials such as marble, stone, or wood siding. Glass railings are a good alternative when you don’t know what type of security barrier fits your building.

If you want more visibility, clear glass railings are the best choice. However, when more privacy is required, a more opaque or tinted glass finish is best. To avoid prying eyes from passersby, you can choose frosted glass panels for glass railings for private areas of your deck or around hot tubs.

4. Practical glass railing

Glass railings can be incorporated into any configuration, regardless of the size of the room in which you install them. For example, the English or surface mounting method allows you to install railings without taking up too much space on your staircase. In addition, glass railings are particularly easy to install for both new installations and deck upgrades.

In addition, if you want to match your glass railings with the shutters or contrast them with the house facade, you can choose framed glass railings with or without handrails. Several materials are available for the framing of glass railings; the most popular are stainless steel and aluminum, and the latter is available in several colors.

5. Easy to maintain glass railing


Glass panels are prone to stains, drips, and deposits left by insects and birds. Although cleaning must be done often and regularly, the process is easy to perform. Glass panels can be cleaned with a simple liquid window soap, a squeegee, and a lint-free cloth. Glass railings, on the other hand, require no special treatment, staining, or painting. Polishing is rarely necessary, and the splinters are not sharp in the event of a crack, which allows for easy repair.

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  • You made a good point that it’s important to account for future maintenance when planning to get exterior railings. I’m interested in looking for a good contractor for that because I want to make my home as safe as possible. After removed most of the things that could be possible tripping hazards, getting new railings would be the natural next step.


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