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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Motorized Garage Door

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Motorized Garage Door
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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Motorized Garage Door


The garage door is an essential part of the house, but it is often a weak point regarding security. Would you like to install a motorization system to remedy this and gain comfort? Many models are available, with prices varying according to the type of operation and their capacities. What are the current motorization solutions? How much do they cost in terms of supplies and installation? Are there any additional costs and options? Follow this guide to learn about garage door operators and the costs involved in this installation.  

The essentials

    – It is essential to choose the type of operator according to the configuration of your garage and your desires. 

    – There are four types of operators, depending on how your garage door operates. The price of supply and installation varies if it is a sectional, up-and-over, swing or roller door. 

    – A maintenance contract is mandatory for all motorized garage doors. 

    – Many options influence the price of a garage door operator, such as the type of power supply or obstacle detection.

Type of operator 

Motorized Garage Door

Type of opening chain, belt or worm drive overhead or sectional.

Rack and pinion drive

up-and-over or sectional axial tubular motorization roll-up

motorization with poster arm swinging

Factors that influence the price of a garage door operator 

With its simple and practical operation, a motorized garage door makes your daily life easier. You can call a specialist to install an automatic door model or motorize your current opening.

Undeniable advantages and criteria to take into account

The motorization of your garage door is a real time saver, as it can be activated by remote control without having to get out of your car. The automatic locking also significantly increases the level of security in this area, which burglars highly target. Finally, domestic accidents are less frequent thanks to detection systems at opening and closing. 


If your house suffers a power failure, the motorization will not work. You will have to open your garage door manually. 

Criteria to be taken into account 

Before you start, it is essential to check the measurements and configuration of your garage. The space available will help determine the most appropriate model of motorization for your needs. You can choose between a lateral, vertical, roll-up or arm opening system. 

The type of material you use for your garage door can also affect how much weight and force your operator needs to operate it. In the case of an existing installation, you should measure the door’s dimensions and the distance from the ceiling and ensure that there is an electrical supply nearby. 

Different operating modes 

There are several different motorization systems for your garage door. The cost varies according to the technology used. Your choice is significant: adapting the operator to the door type is essential. 

The opening of your garage door can be divided into 4 main categories of motorization:

    – Chain, worm or belt drive: one of the most common solutions, this ceiling-mounted system allows the door to be pulled via a rail or links. Models vary in power to suit the weight and height of the door;

    – Rack and pinion drive: The motor will accompany the door’s movement with this technique. Depending on the architecture of the room, it can move on a rail on the side of the ceiling;

    – Axial tubular operator: similar to a roller shutter, the motor will allow the door to roll up around an axis installed above the opening;

    – the arm motorization: like a gate, the door leaves are moved by articulated arms. This solution limits the space required in the garage.


The operator is chosen according to the garage door when buying a new product. If it is an existing door, you must be sure that the selected model corresponds to your installation. 

Motorization: factors determining the cost of garage door

Motorized Garage Door

The type of operator depends on the door model concerned, but it also affects the price of the supply:

    – For an up-and-over or sectional garage door, the chain, belt or worm gear operator.

    – For an up-and-over or sectional garage door, the rack and pinion operator.

    – For a roll-up garage door, the tubular axial operator.

    – For a swinging garage door, the arm motorization.

Good to know: The energy consumption is more or less high, depending on the model. Some garage door operators promote energy savings in standby mode.

Options and additional costs

Unique features or upgrades to a garage door operator require a higher budget. But there are also costs to be expected after your installation. 

Mandatory maintenance

JTN GARAGE DOORS carry out reliable and regular check-ups to avoid any lack of maintenance and ensure your equipment’s proper functioning.

Various options for more comfort and security

If the motorization of your garage door is delivered with at least 1 or 2 remote controls and the fixing system, many optional solutions exist. 

    – the end-of-travel deceleration: often provided with the motorization kit, it favours a smooth closing of your door. If it is missing, you will need end-of-travel magnets;

    – the signalling system: if your garage opens onto the public highway, you must install a flashing light and program it a few seconds before opening;

    – the obstacle detector: also compulsory, the detection system, which can be wired or wireless, is generally integrated to block the door if a vehicle or a person is under the door leaf;

    – solar power: do you want to save money over time? It is possible to opt for a motorization model with a solar power kit;

    – Remote control: with up to 2 units supplied, it is sometimes helpful to get additional remote controls. It is also possible to opt for a connected operator, which allows you to control your garage door via your smartphone.

While it is possible to do the work yourself, a qualified professional will ensure a reliable solution appropriate for your garage configuration. Don’t hesitate to call on JTN GARAGE DOORS, and remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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