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Criteria to Choose Your Garage Door Opening

Criteria to Choose Your Garage Door Opening
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Criteria to Choose Your Garage Door Opening


The construction on your home has finally begun, but two things remain after reading our recent article on How to Choose Your Garage Door: which opening and which material for your garage door? There are many different opening designs and materials, each having benefits and drawbacks. Whether to store your possessions or secure your car, do not rush your choice. Don’t worry; follow our instructions, and you’ll be fine.

Roller garage door

The roll-up garage door is designed like a roller shutter: the door consists of slats guided by rails, which roll up into a box. Made of PVC, aluminium or steel, it will not necessarily seduce you by its aesthetic quality but by its convenient side:

– It does not involve any movement on the outside. This door is the most suitable for a garage that opens onto the street.

– It only takes up space – and that’s a big word – in the lintel of the garage where the box must be installed. Space is therefore optimised.

On the other hand, the possibilities for adding accessories and finishes are limited: motorisation is one of the exceptions that proves the rule.

Up-and-over garage door

 The door has a single panel and swings inwards to be stored under the ceiling. It can be:

– Overhanging on the outside and thus freeing up all the space in the garage. 

– Not overhanging, to the detriment of the room’s volume. Not recommended if your garage opens directly onto the road.

Finally, the up-and-over garage door can be easily motorised and accommodate a pedestrian gate. Not to mention its price, which is often affordable.

Sectional garage door

The sectional garage door, made up of several hinged panels, is undoubtedly the most flexible solution, as it offers so many options and advantages:

– Its opening can be lateral or vertical, sliding or folding;

– The optimisation of space with a small interior and exterior footprint;

– The possibility of adding a motor and a gate;

– A wide range of panel finishes.

And what about the disadvantages? Nothing to report, or almost nothing: it takes up a wall or the ceiling depending on its layout, but at least it’s your choice.

Hinged garage door

Garage Door

Do you need to optimise the entire interior volume of your garage? The swing door is the answer, with its two leaves that open outwards (in an English style). An efficient solution but unsuitable for a slope or an opening onto the public highway. Less insulating than its competitors, it is better suited to a detached garage.

Choosing the suitable material for your garage door


PVC is a light material and a perfect insulator, which adapts to all garage openings. It is also very economical, with an attractive quality/price ratio: not negligible if you have a limited budget! But beware, it offers less resistance to intrusion attempts.


Aluminium combines lightness, rigidity, strength and durability. An excellent choice for a garage door, especially with a vertical opening. Its other advantages:

– easy to handle;

– a wide range of colours;

– compatible with a motor.

However, its main weakness is thermal insulation: it is almost non-existent unless you opt for a double-skinned door.


Steel offers similar characteristics to aluminium, widely used on sectional doors, with a little more weight, strength and rigidity. Like aluminium, it is only slightly insulating and requires the use of double skin. Finally, steel is more demanding in terms of maintenance if it is not treated against corrosion.


Aesthetically pleasing, warm and very efficient in terms of insulation, wood is more commonly used for side or swinging garage doors because of its weight. Its disadvantages will also make a difference depending on your habits: wood requires maintenance, and it is not always possible to motorise it as it tends to warp over time.

Who to call for the installation of your garage door?

Have you found the ideal garage door? Now it’s time for installation! You have several options:

– Install the new door yourself. Some models are easy to install for an intermediate to advanced DIYer. This is also saving for small budgets.

– Ask a friend or family member who is a handyman to do the job for you or to refer you to a professional they know.

– Ask for JTN GARAGE DOORS in Pakenham. The intervention of a craftsman is sometimes unavoidable for a quality installation, mainly if it includes the installation of a motor.

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