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Top 5 Tip To Drink More Water

Top 5 Tip To Drink More Water
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As you know, the body is 70% water. Except that during the course of the day, the average person loses about 2 liters of this water in the course of their daily activities. Whether through urine, sweat, or even breathing. It is recommended to drink about 1.5 liters of water every day to compensate for this loss.

But also to keep your skin well hydrated, maintain an adequate body temperature, and promote digestion. What can you do if you have trouble drinking water? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our 5 handy tips that should trick your brain and maybe even get you into good habits!

1. Drink flavored water


You’d think this would kill the whole idea of drinking water, but it really doesn’t. In fact, it’s not water per se that’s important in daily hydration. All liquids can be substituted, provided they are consumed in moderation. Drinks with too much sugar can quickly lead to cavities, and those with alcohol can lead to serious illness.

If the taste of water bothers you, you can improve it by adding fruit to your glass. From the traditional slice of lemon, to cucumber, to oranges: do as you like. There’s nothing like a strawberry or a mint leaf to boost your water and give you a holiday feeling to boot!

2. Eat water-rich foods

Another tip for drinking more water when you don’t like it is simply to eat it. To do this, add water-rich fruit and vegetables to your diet. Watermelon, the star fruit of summer, comes to mind for its thirst-quenching properties. But also celery, which is 95% water.

Grapes, cherries, citrus fruits, courgettes, and tomatoes are also among the water-rich foods that will do the job perfectly. However, avoid eating a bowlful of grapes or a salad just before bedtime, as this can lead to a very interrupted night of toilet trips.

3. Adopt a water bottle


Sometimes we don’t drink enough water because refueling requires effort or spending money. Both of these problems become totally obsolete if you invest in a water bottle. Buy one that is easy to carry, made of a material that keeps well (like stainless steel), and is environmentally friendly.

If it’s patterned and you like it, that’s always a plus for your mnemonic skills. As the bottle will follow you everywhere, it will be easier for you to drink water frequently during the day. And who knows, maybe you will develop reflexes and make it a (good) habit!

4. Drink in an original way

Unlike eating a nice steak on a terrace, drinking a glass of water is not very sexy. That’s why American researchers have unveiled a study that proves that people drink more when it’s fun. During the study, 300 participants came up with ideas for drinking water in an original way. With a straw, a spoon, a champagne flute, or a glass of prosecco. The result was that the more eccentric the way, the more likely people were to drink because the activity was fun.

5. Eat more spicy food


One way to force yourself to drink more water is to eat a little more spicy food. Add peppers, small chilies, or simply pepper to your dishes. Only if you have a palate that can handle spicy food. The idea is not to inflame your taste buds but to consume enough spices to accelerate your thirst and make you want to quench your thirst more frequently during the day. This can be done gradually by adding an extra turn of the mill to a pasta dish, for example. And for the more robust: try some real chili. It seems that it has many benefits.

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